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Greetings STO Community,

I have a small fleet that is looking to expand by looking for new members. Below is an overview of what the fleet is, what we're looking for and a link to the site for more information.

Starfleet Tactical Allied Command has begun actively recruiting both casual and hardcore fans of STO and Star Trek who are over 18.

Visit us at for more information.

At this stage, we have a Tier 2 Starbase, Tier 1 Dilithium Mine (Tier 2 Upgrade is being filled), Tier 1 Embassy (Tier 2 Upgrade is being filled), and Tier 0 Spire (Tier 1 Upgrade is being filled) holding, so there is still plenty of room for members to make contributions, earn fleet credits and to work your way up through the ranks, while also having a proven record of completion.

We are accepting both new and seasoned players.

Are you a member of a fleet that has reached T5 or a fleet where you have trouble earning fleet credits due to the number of people contributing? Do you still want to earn fleet credits and help out a fleet at the same time? Contact me, or any other member, in game for an invite. After contributing, you may stay or go at your leisure, though, obviously we would prefer you stay.

We all love gaming, but there comes a time when real life has to take precedent. We understand this. Voice communications are provided, Via Team Speak, for all members. Friendship and having a good time are our primary focus even above game play, because, let?s face it, real life has enough stress. Our members have an open play participation policy so that real life comes first. Game when life lets you and know we will be here waiting. If nothing else you can pop into the website or our voice chat and have a good time. We feel that its not the numbers you have its the quality of members you have within the fleet, and are looking for those who feel the same and want to be quality members.

Thank you in advance for your interest and we hope to see you in the fleet.
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Also if you would like to talk to one of us Directly we have an in game chat channel called STAC

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