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This has been a huge problem for several months now since some update..

Every time when I login and start the game, I just go to my browser and do whatever meanwhile the game is loading, or at least that's what I used to do..

Now.. and since that whatever stupid patch.. the game annoyingly "takes present" so to speak.. it automatically goes to the front above everything else, and screws up whatever I was doing because it interrupts it and I have to wait several minutes for the fail thing to get to the character select screen..

Is there some option to stop this? If not, fix it in a new update please..

Another thing.. when are things ever going to be fixed?
- Maco engine trail dissapears after a while in a system, STF, etc..
- When warping to a 2nd mission system or such, your engine shows to be on full stop, yet you shoot forward if you were moving in your previous system.

And tons more issues from back in season 1 it seems.. so.. are you guys ever going to fix things? Or just feeling all proud with new goodies and just leaving old stuff to rust in the background?..
Season 7 came way too fast after 6.. almost no fixes were done from S6..

Btw, why were things even being tested on tribble?.. I mean, like S7.. some ppl played, then suddenly it was launched on holo with thousands of issues still to be fixed that weren't done on tribble so it would be a clean launch on holo..

Friends, nice chat.. those two things seems to be the only thing keeping me on STO.. I'm sorry but I won't play a game if it's a big bug/glitch party with little to no fixes..

That reminds me.. you guys have a so cald "list".. with like, this bug goes before that bug.. but is it really kept track of or done in the correct way?..
Because so far only too big things like login issues, or too small useless things we don't see or notice are being fixed.. yet things more annoying in-game are just skipped or kept for whenever..

Anyway, no offence, just wanted to ask and say a few things.
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01-12-2013, 03:51 AM
Do what i do and get a second monitor that way you can browse the web while waiting for STO to do its loading thing.

As for the bugs, cryptic will fix them if they ever get around to them... Cryptic prioritize their bugs by this following order..

1) does bug cause exploit in system that will make them lose players money, if so then fix immediately.

2) Does bug affect mass amount of players which will annoy players into not playing the game and giving cryptic money. if so then fix ASAP.

3) is bug minor or to much effort to fix, if so then fix whenever we can be bothered taking a break from counting our lockbox money !

HHMMMMMmmmmm, Pizza !!!!!
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01-12-2013, 04:52 AM
Think I have an extra monitor somewhere.. thanks

And yea.. it's kinda annoying.. I mean, a great game (Can't use SWTOR as example.. they're exactly the opposite..) should also be concerned with players.. not just money..
Money shouldn't rule the world.. and greed is pathetic..

Oh well, let's just hope the bugs get fixed.. eventually..

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