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# 1 Question about Combat Parsers
01-12-2013, 08:38 AM
Hello all.

Yesterday I installed a combat parser to monitor my damage output. I selected Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) and must admit that I'm rather happy about it. I do have a few questions regarding it though, and I'm unable to find the answers on the web. Hopefully someone more skilled and knowledgeable with ACT can help me.

Is the damage measured just hull damage or shield and hull damage?

Does the damage your carrier pets do count as your damage?

If ACT doesn't do the above, is there a parser that does?

Thank you in advance!!

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01-12-2013, 08:57 AM
The pluggin determines these things(most people use Arias), but most include all net damage to shields and hull and your pet damage is generally assigned to you properly. The major exception being Plasma burns from the scorpion high yield torpedos, which is assigned under UNKNOWN.

They arent perfect through, theyll often assign damage to the wrong person...but for the most part they are pretty solid.

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# 3
01-12-2013, 09:55 AM
I'm using the Arias plugin too, although I'm also looking at the two Hilbert plugins to see what the differences are.

I wish I could write these plugins as I think it would be invaluable to determine what the actual damage taken by a foe is as opposed to the damage you do. (If a foe has 20 hull points left and you land a hit for 5,000 points then I'd rather it count 20 points.)

I'd also love to see what portion is shield damage and what is hull damage.

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