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This post, while primarily targeting Deep Space Nine, applies to pretty much all of the bases littered around the various sectors.

Recently I decided to come back to STO after having a break from it and decided to have a look around on Deep Space Nine. The first thing I noticed was how few players were actually there (even in other instances), as well as the fact the STF store is no longer there and has been shifted to the Reputation screen. The more I thought about it the more I realized there was no real reason to go there anymore other than the fact that you would happen to be in the vicinity and make a stop there to visit the bank, the exchange or the other usual "stock standard" facilities found at other bases.

I think it's a real shame the STF store is no longer there. While I think the Omega Force reputation system is a good idea, I can't see any reason why the store itself can't stay on DS9 thereby giving the station a unique reason to visit it. The other stores on the station are all pretty mediocre selling items that no one wants. It seems like a wasted opportunity when it could be turned into something that could attract players and make it worthwhile visiting.

It would be great to see stations like DS9 with unique stores offering better quality items (and I don't mean just vanity items) and services that would benefit players. So items at DS9 wouldn't be available at other stations like Drozana and vice versa. Adding additional services similar to the STF concept would be great. This would mean that in addition to their visual distinctiveness, each station would be more unique in content as well.
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01-12-2013, 08:19 AM
Just a posting test....
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IMO, the main reason for you to go to DS9 is the layout. On ESD and First City, you need to do some running around to get from destination A to destination B. DS9 is a more compact layout, so you can get more things done during your "pit-stop" in a shorter amount of time.

I agree with giving each station a different specialty store, though.

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Recently decided to drop in on DS9, next time I go there I'm going to be prepared,.....

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I like the idea on the idea of the store being there. At the moment you don't need to leave the two home systems now which is a shame.
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Originally Posted by litchy74 View Post
I like the idea on the idea of the store being there. At the moment you don't need to leave the two home systems now which is a shame.
Yep precisely.

Att Cryptic: Put the STF store back at DS9....please?
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Considering the STF store only has generic ground weapons that cost dilithium and you have to unlock them with rep projects, I don't see how it would bring all that many people to DS9 even if it was still there. I certainly haven't unlocked anything in it, and don't plan to.
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One reason I still transwarp to DS9, doff trade missions, doff diplomatic missions. You can find unrefined Ketracel, bajoran incense and other rare commodities only in cardassian sectors and ds9 is best for that.
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One reason to go to DS9 is that Cardassian space has a lot of juicy Duty Officer assignment chains, particularly recruitment ones.

Since DS9 is the one easy place to pick up supplies, it's convenient to that.
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Deep Space 9 is the only place were you can Haggle for Shapeshift lockets that can get you rare purple counsles through the duty officer system.
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