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# 1 Two Time Tutorial
01-12-2013, 10:01 AM
Earlier today, I thought I'd get a second character going for each faction. They're going to be more secondary anyway, but it's just something different to break up the game. Anyway, my second Federation character was simple; I created him, skipped the tutorial and am at a healthy level 2.

Then came my second Klingon character. I had expected (having already an existing Klingon toon) that I'd have the option to skip this tutorial too, but I don't. Instead I'm required to run around Qo'nos once again. The current Klingon tutorial is tedious enough without having to do it twice.

Maybe you (Cryptic) can add the skip tutorial feature into 2nd KDF characters ready for Season 8? That or next weeks patch. I'm good either way. Until then, I think I'll wait.

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