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Helloo evryone!
I didn't write before and i don't know is this the best place to post here but still i wish someone will see this (someone who can make it happen). I know there is a lot of players with probably good (better) ideas and i wish someone will hear (see) us.

1. Easy select and delete massages in inbox (I hate those massages from exchange - item sold - sometimes there is too much off them). Search option would be good too.

2. Since there will probably be new open zones I would like something new something i can enjoy playing and using my all boffs. Something challenging, for commanding my boff and i don't mean standard 5 mean team. I have currently around 10 boffs and i can use only 4. And there is more boffs - uniqe and interesting. Would be interesting to command up to 4 teams of 5 boffs. Maybe then I will happy with rank of admiral. It dosn't have to be open zone it could be pve game. And as for reward we (players) could choose one from existing or future rewards, at the end of the game.

3. Similar to ground, same goes for my ships. I can play with only one. But i wish to see all of them in action. I ask my self how would be to see them all in action. In one special mission, supporting me up to 20 ships from my personal fleet. Again 4 teams or maybe if 20 is too much at least 10. Reword same as for ground.

How do u see commanding them. Space or ground, before mission would be nice to setup teams from what i have. But option to make up to 4 teams - if players dosn't have enough boffs or ships he can make a team with 1 boff or ship. Each ship would have one boff as appointed Ai commander (from players roster) with his skills in case it is too much too ask that it would be outfited with full boff crew. Or maybe some generic officers could be choosen at special option menu with configuration saved until player changes them.

In game commanding should be simple. For ground each team should be controled and presented as in current team system is one boff. And all 4 teams should be commanded as 4 members in curent system. In other words simple upgrade of current team system from my point of view -but u guys know better. Option to pause the game with no time limit and setup an individual boff should be nice too. Sometimes i don't like when they run like sheeps around doing something almost stupid. As i said current team system has alomist all elements needed. all i need is a good (chalenging game). And ability to use my boffs. Games like breaking the planet, temple, terradome, defera inv zone, nukara - they should be perfect for begining, and later maybe new.

As for space, well in short - similar to ground.

4. Number 2 and 3 opens doors for one new reputation system.

5. It would be nice that every time i beam down to ground (earth space dock for example) when i'm not on the mission that i can bring one of my boffs as an escort. Similar to new romulas.

6. More slots in curent fleet ranks. As a Fleet admiral I can't properly setup my rank system with current number of slots.

7. And i need some medals to reward my best players. for supporting fleet with their contribution. I have a player in my fleet who is actualy giving more then 50% of other players together. That man deserve a special medal. This opens question to: fleet made madels or premade game awarded medals. Ability to make few fleet medals sounds good but also it is important that there are medals awarded by game so it could be recognized by other players.

To be honest i would like to see this before end of the year. And i hope someone will actualy read this (except the players).

With best regards
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01-23-2013, 12:21 PM
What I would like to see is a recycle bin. Open it up, drag all your unwanted items in and "POOF!" instant cash and less time wasted.
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01-24-2013, 08:28 AM
I don't want to sound like a flamer, and I respect your suggestions for the boffs and ships, I would seriously consider stopping playing if this game starts going in the direction of a RTS.
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01-24-2013, 08:45 AM
Where, exactly, are you getting massages from in the exchange? What do you type in the search bar?
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01-24-2013, 10:35 AM

recycle bin would be nice addition. I like that.


It wouldn't be a change of the direction since it would be optional play. To be honest, i started thinking about it in times when i wanted to play a game like breaking the planet or temple and i would wait like 20 minutes and in the end - since there was low interest of players i would - (the game didn't start or i was left alone) - i would go to play something else.
Sice it would be optonal - there wouldn't be major change - just an addition to current choices.


Every time item is sold on exchange you receive notification mail - it is good. But if u don't clean your mail regularly - it hard to find what are u looking for. and i spent like 20 minutes last time deleting mail. So, easy way to mark and delete mail. And as for search option well, text in mail, sender, and items attached to mail.
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01-24-2013, 11:01 AM
I like the idea of a more manageable inbox. Being able to see your sent messages would be nice too.

On the bigger ground maps, it might make more people do them if they were worth more to do. At the moment, given how quickly you rank up, 'dilithium/gear' is almost no incentive to do the thing. Putting marks or a decent amount of EC as a reward might make more people do them and then queueing for them wouldn't take so long. It's a shame, because I find those maps quite fun. Not sure I'd find it so much fun if I had to give orders to 19 boffs though and most of those maps require you to interact with stuff so I doubt it will happen anyway.
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01-24-2013, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post
What I would like to see is a recycle bin. Open it up, drag all your unwanted items in and "POOF!" instant cash and less time wasted.
We HAVE a recycle bin. I use it regularly. It's in the replicator shop. The button is located below your inventory window. Click that, click 'recycle' then sell all your unwanted stuff in there.

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