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Originally Posted by rickeyredshirt View Post
The ability to craft a kit with powers we choose ourselves was discussed awhile back. I hope that wasn't totally ditched, it was a really cool idea.
This would be far better than soiling your hands with a fleet.
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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
Stats for space equipment, when viewed on the ground, are almost always way too low.

I don't know if there's any reliable way to see accurate stats for space equipment other than mounting it and going into space.
Yeah it's like I have to play 2 games for sto. I play Holodeck and then have to play Tribble just to figure out what the real story is with the gear without being penalized for spending dilithium.
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01-13-2013, 10:36 PM
Kits got no love for ages because the developers weren't sure how they were going to handle them going forward. The suspicion was that Kits would be split out into a number of equipment slot types (e.g. Tricorder) and that depending on what you put there you'd get different skills and bonuses. It would also allow new set types.

Whether that's still happening is anyone's guess.

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