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Okay Ive done it. I started a brand new season of Star Trek Now. If your unaware of what Star Trek Now was - Star Trek Now was a online radio program on TrekRadio.com. We were on the air for about a year doing a indepth look and commentary of all things Trek. We looked at the latest in Star Trek news, movies, tv shows, gaming and everything that included Trek. With Star Trek Season 2 we decided to go out on our own and do a online podcast. The Podcast will be available through iTunes & The iOS Podcast App, as well as through the website http://www.startreknow.com

To cast off Season 2 we are doing something never done before. We are starting a campaign to bring about a sequel to the most legendary Star Trek game ever made - Star Trek Birth of The Federation. We are putting together a cash prize to any fan developer who develops and makes a sequel to Star Trek Birth of The Federation. The cash prize is the incentive to any developer willing to make this incredible game. The faster you make the game the faster you get the cold hard cash. For more information on this awesome campaign visit us @ startreknow.com

So Take a look at Star Trek Now - http://www.startreknow.com - and tell me what you think. Also we are looking for guest hosts, so if your interested email me @ jeanalltrekkie@yahoo.com - The only qualification you need is that you love Star Trek.

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01-11-2013, 11:05 PM
Any feedback?

What do you think about the podcast?
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I sure hope not. It will take away a part of the market from STO. I've worked really hard and really long to get my rank, ship and equipment. I would hate to see the game die because of other games out there. Besides, were else can you do all the things you can do with STO? Attack the Unicomplex, liberate systems and star bases, establish first contact with new races, work together with other players to destroy massive fleets of Borg and Tholians, rebuild the Romulan Empire and customize your ship with the best weapons, equipment, and technology in the galaxy, most of which were reversed engineered from the Borg. STO is awesome.

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