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Exactly the same, The tactical and the Engineering kits both have level 4 powers the romulan science kit has only level 3 powers.

So I have to wait until we crawl up to tier 2 before I can get a new kit? (not that xenobiologist is particularly appealing).

Also what is up with the romulan rep ground escorts? the space ones last until they are dead but the ground ones only 60 seconds? please let them stick around for much longer, they are suicidal as it is anyway
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01-15-2013, 06:09 AM
Oh we get a hold IV...yup, tacs get a decent plasma 'nade, eng gets a phaser turret crossed with a plasmathrower (with a helluva long range for a plasmathrower, I've noticed)..us scis get...a fragile hold.

They should have made a Plasma exothermic reaction on a Physicist kit in my opinion, the romulan kit is not worth it for sci players, which is a shame
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01-15-2013, 07:11 AM
We get Tachyon Harmonic 2 on the 12 kit and a med tricorder! Not sure if it's worth it, but I'll be experimenting with it anyway when I unlock it.

Don't forget that with a biochemist, your hold (which doesn't work at all on captain level npcs, even with 6 points) becomes a fast recharge debuff beam. That's it's only conceivable use though.

I have noticed that all the Romulan 10 kits are the same as their non romulan counterparts and more expensive to get. Is this intentional or is there some (slight) benefit to it being ultra rare?

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