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02-11-2013, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by sicnus View Post
Fleet Headquarters - Commendation reports - Military is bugged. When you get 110K points in Duty Officer missions - you are able to turn in the 10K overage for fleet marks. Currently and for a few weeks now, the Military Report turn-in is bugged. It needs an Assault Squad Officer for success but it's being requested under the Tactical branch. Assault Squad Officers are under the Security branch. Making it impossible to get the minimum level of success for completion. Please rectify.
It's been this was since the Fleet Starbase commendation to Fleetmarks Doff assignment terminal has been in game. It's been /bugged multiple times by me and reported here on the Forums multiple times by many players.

Either someone on the Dev side doesn't seem to understand what those of us who've been reporting it over and over are saying/typing; or it's a low/zero priority bug, that they haven't had the schedule/spare time to correct and test.
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