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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Leadership has a separate fix that is coming soon.

We're evaluating whether or not there needs to be a stack limit or a reduction in the numbers for the Romulan BOFFs with increased critical hit chance. No firm decision has been made at this time.
I'm not sure what exactly you are evaluating, but if you need some demonstration in a team setting of how the crit increase plays out, there are many pvp'ers more then happy to help you.

Just bring your eng/healer (remember to ask gecko on how to spec into counters) and we'll run a short arena, and a short PvE mission. 20min tops

I m pretty optimistic that as a result you ll evaluate the current buff as way too strong
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Hey! This was my thread! Find your own!
Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
I totally got here first.

Borticuscryptic + Archoncryptic = BortiChoncryptic.

I see that many sets are having higher tiers get increased numbers on their set bonuses.

Some astute players have noticed the Jem'Hadar space set has had a slight damage increase for example to Dominion Synergy.

Can I implore you at this time that if sets like the Jem space set are to ever be even remotely competitive (or desired) - perhaps through some, hypothetically speaking, method of obtaining higher than currently available tier set that the engine be changed from a Combat Impulse Engine (which are exceedingly poor value at endgame) and make them a Hyper-Impulse engine - The kind you should use on an Escort, and well..every other ship.

Actually you don't need to change what's in-game, you could simply add an alternate hyper-impulse version to the mission reward list - similar to how you can choose a Dominion Polaron Beam array or Cannon.

Pretty please?

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BortiChronic rolls off the tongue better.

Kinda like Tuvix.

But more cryptic in nature.

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Originally Posted by havam View Post
I m pretty optimistic that as a result you ll evaluate the current buff as way too strong.
And you also know what is too strong?

The freaking price so do nerf then, I already have no much reason to pick "Yet Another Bridge Officer That Cannot Be Customized" outside those perks and this would be the final straw.

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