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02-04-2013, 02:22 PM
Has much has I dislike the Bort setup this past weekend I bought the bundel

It cost me no out of pocket RLM and I was beginning to get hooked on buying Lock Box Key 10 packs.

I dropped 3k worth of Zen into 30 Keys and got a nothing out of the new lock boxs so before I wasted my last 5k worth of Zen on keys (they were calling me), I grabbed the Bort Pack.

With time I'm sure I'll find a way to make the Bort work for me.
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02-04-2013, 06:18 PM
They should be some GD super killer and insted they are a hefty Neg. Unless you are a good tanker/healer it is useless. My Karfi eats them up. I worry more about that sneaky little Defiant on my tail.
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02-04-2013, 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by age03 View Post
Who here thinks the Bortaque ships or pack is a rip off.I was trying mine in elite STF and it is no good compared to the Odessy which have better turn rates.

I found it easy to get destoyed moreso than on my Vorcha retro.This make it tougher for KDF engineer to do elite STFs compared to a Fed engineer.I even tried my Fed geer in a Defiant.It worked wonders.

Who thinks this way about these ships or pack.there turn rate is just so bad to what klingon ships are suppose to be.
It could certainly do with being tankier for its suppossedly slow but massive design.
If they fix beam array they need to open the FA of Single Cannons a enough to allow near broadside style attacks.
But that is most likely a pipe dream.
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02-04-2013, 07:51 PM
The Bortasqu' is a beast. She isn't for the faint of heart, but she is great in the hands of a strong pilot. You need to be able to fly a big ship, but if you like 'em big like I do she is fine.

The trick is to get the right balance of frontal weaponry. you know you want turrets/KCB in the back, so it all comes down to how narrow you want to make your front arc. I setteled on 2xsingle cannons, a DBB, and the Omega torp. This is similar to how I fly my Gal-X, but I replace the DBB with a DHC. The joy part of the disruptor auto cannon is it does not share a cooldown with BO like the spinal lance does. Combine that with a ltcom tac slot for AB:O, and all my tac captain skills, I can spike higher then a Gal-X ever thought about. Add to that my pet and the snare and you get a ship that absolutely rocks.

Now, the downsides. She is slow. Not cripplingly so, but you need to learn how to fly a big shp vs a regular sized one. It is a totally different ball of wax. Also, for all that mad burst, you give up thruput. You won't usually out DPS a lot of people over time, but when you decide you want something to die "NAO!!!!" you have power that no other ship can match.
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# 35
02-05-2013, 03:31 PM
It would be nice to see a SS of your set up as it sounds nice.
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02-06-2013, 06:13 PM
I tweak it a lot and its always changing, but here is an example.

Omega torp, DBB, 2x Single Cannons
KCB, 3x Turrets (Disruptors are a must, I use polarized ones)

Borg Set

5x disruptor coils
Field Generator or assimulated module
3x Bortasqu' consoles, neutronium hull plate or assimulated module

Uni LtCom - THY1, BO2, AP:O
Lt Tac - TT1, CRF1
Com Eng - EP2S1, A2B1, ET3, DEM3
Uni Ens - EP2W1
Lt Sci - TSS1, HE2

3x Technician Doffs (reduce boff cooldown on A2B)
2x Evasive Manvuers doffs

Cloak up, get in range, and pop everything. All your tac captain abilities. All your boff abilities (save A2B to reset your cooldows, and your heals, obviously.) Use EP2W first, save EP2S for after. Come out of cloak and fire everything. Disruptor auto cannon, too. If you are feeling 'leet time your A2B to restore the power lost from the BO. Once you get the timing all right things go boom. Then you pop things off like a normal cruiser. you have some heals, you have some boom. Feel free to fire off your skills as you please, but if you know you need to blow something fast, like a transformer in ISE, start saving skills. You will be able to blow your target so fast you will amaze yourself.

You want to get front face. If you are doing STF that is really easy. You might want to swap some DHC in for the singles in that case. You don't wan't to do that for most things, tho. The singles give you a front 180 and that is about as easy to manage as a broadside, plus you can work to get front 90 and drop your DBB and the occasional torp.

One of the most important skills in a big ship is knowing where you want to be a minute from now. If you can learn to project your movement your turn rate becomes much less a liability, because you will always be heading in the direction you want to be facing, anyway. Practice makes perfect. Oh, and learn how to use evasive manuvers in reverse. You can get facing on targets really easy that way once you have mastered the technique.

The torp is overkill most of the time, and sometimes I put a DHC there, lower the BO to BO1 and slot AP:B. It is really pretty when the HY omega makes my target disintegrate, tho... but the DHC there is nice. It all depends on how much DPS you want to sacrifice for bursting.

Many different methods work to get the same outcome. I've worked with BO3 and just cannons and and and... They all revolve around one thing. Bursting out as many skills and effects as possible to buff the damage of your burst window and then surving long enough to do it again.

Edit: the uni ens is very flexible. I like EP2W if I can fit it because its another % damage increase, but many other skills would fit great there. Tachyon beam comes to mind, but you are going to do so much damage on your burst the shields shouldn't be a problem... Tractor beam is another good choice. PH is normally a no brainer, but I found I'm big enough to just soak up a tractor beam most of the time... YMMV. ST is another nice choice but you would have to replace ET... EWP would be a good canidate there but even I have problems landing that skill in a big boat... Another taste thing. The Bortasqu' is very versitile, so don't be afraid to tinker with her.

The goal is to exploit the nature of stacking damage buffs. This makes a tac the perfect fit. It can be done with the other 2 classes, but the returns are not as great.

Also, the Bortasqu' is the spiritual successor to the Gal-X. Any information regarding the Gal-X can translate directly to the Bortasqu'. You can even perfectly mimic Gal-X boff layouts. The major difference is the disruptor auto cannon does not share a cooldown with BO like the Gal-X's spinal lance, so you can stack CRF, THY, your Auto Cannon, *AND* a BO... and you can put AP:O for yet another % based damage increase... oh my... Burst burst burst!
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02-06-2013, 11:13 PM
Is it a rip off? I think so, but then I feel its really lacking when compaired to its Fed counterparts. You may think diffrently. I almost never see them, people seem to prefer the fleet versions of the klink cruisers, or even just the base ones, and to be honest I can see why.

Cryptic did a good job on klink cruisers in general, giving them enough turn to get use out of the cannons, why would some one want to go to a much slower ship (much much slower) and still use cannons?

Can it be done? Yeah, sure. Borg are like the mummy, if they catch you you deserve to die

To all those that fly it, glad you like it!

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