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Some numbers for ya.

Tricobalt mine
15323 damage per drop
60 second reload
= 15323 base damage per minute

* deployment beta 3 (4 mines)
= 61292 damage per drop
= 61292 damage per minute

With two launchers (shared cooldown 30 seconds)
0 seconds: DP3 drop
30 seconds: DP3 drop
= 122584 damage per minute

Photon mine
6784 damage per drop
15 second reload
= 27136 base damage per minute

* deployment beta 3 (14 mines)
= 23744 damage per drop
= 61056 damage per minute

With two launchers (shared cooldown 10 seconds):
0 seconds: DPB3 drop
10 seconds: drop
20 seconds: drop
30 seconds: DP3 drop
40 seconds: drop
50 seconds: drop
= 74624 damage per minute

1.) Tricobalt mines scale perfectly to 2 launchers, doubling damage output, while other mine types relying on rate of fire gain minimal benefit due to shared cooldown.

The general impression I get is that mines are nearly pointless without the use of deployment patterns, which means devoting a significant amount of resources to mine dropping, but that all mine types except tricobalt don't scale properly on a dedicated mine ship. The easiest way to do fix this is to simply reduce the shared cooldown to 2 seconds (like torpedoes) for all non-tricobalt mine launchers. If there are concerns about system resources, then perhaps a fixed-size FIFO buffer of mines where a player cannot have more than 50 mines active at any time and dropping more discards the oldest.

2.) Unlike torpedoes, tricobalt mines do NOT pay for their extreme damage with a low damage per minute when used by a mine boat.

Given the fact that it's easier to prepare and aim a single large hit than it is to make efficient use of "spam", non-tricobalt mines really ought to do more hypothetical damage over time than tricobalt.

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