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# 1 Sci build (torpedo) pve
01-17-2013, 07:47 PM

After trying out this game for a few weeks when they released it, I decided that it was not worth the monthly payment.

Now its F2P I decided to try it again and I enjoy the new content etc alot.
I took 2 characters to 50 to try out different play styles (tact capt that tried escorts and cruisers and a sci with sci ships).
I like the sci the most so i decided to go with that one and had to find a build.

After digging through different forum posts about sci ships I found 2 posts that where very interesting.

I tried to mix some off the builds and came up with this.
(This is how the build+consoles should be in the end, atm i'm still upgrading everything)

Edit: after feedback: http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skil...uild=Mascent2_

Weapons: Front 3x photon torpedo (want to try out quantum and thransphasic)
Rear 2x disruptor turrets for debuff and 1 disruptor beam for subsystem.

For the next items I dont have enough experience what to use, so I took it from the forums.
Shield : Maco
Engine : Borg
Deflector: Borg

Engi :RCS + Diburnium Armor.
Sci :Field gen, 3x graviton gen
Tac :3x photon detonation assembly

Here is my current Boff layout:
Cmdr : PH1 (thinking about swapping it for TB1), TSS2, TBR2, GW3
Lt. Cmdr: HE1, ST2, VM1 or for solo HE1, ST2, FP2
Lt. Eng : EPTS1, EPTS2
Lt. Tac : TS1, TS2
Ens Tac : TT1

Doffs: 3x projectile, 1 gravimetric, 1system engi

Powersetting: 25/55/25/95 Offensive
25/75/25/75 Defensive

I start with GW at 10k range, then spam the torpedo's with 25% impulse.
The ones that get close, after the GW ends, get pushed away by my TBR and after that most ships are dead. Ofcourse I use some of the other skills in the meantime.

I use torpedo's because i just love them, so I won't change that.
Shield draining ability's took out to much ability's I liked, I prefer to be able to control stuff and put out some heals.

The thing I am looking for are tweaks for my build to make things better/easier.
Maybe some ability's need to swap or have alot better counterparts that I should use.
Maybe some consoles or doffs are far better then the ones I have listed now.
The skillpoinst distribution are (as still a newbie to sto) distributed the way I think are best, but maybe I should change some?

I am kinda busy IRL atm, but will try to look at this thread as much as I can to check the feedback and I'll try to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your feedback.

Greetings Miscent

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# 2
01-17-2013, 08:19 PM
I don't have much advice to make your torp boat more awesome, but I'm using nothing but turrets in the back and torps in the front on my Lt. Commander sci ship and it's working beautifully. Once I rank up and get better gear and boff skills for it, I presume it's gonna get even more effective.

A lot of players hate tetryon, but since they're designed to get rid of shields and for torps you want to get rid of shields... well, you see where I'm going with this.
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# 3
01-17-2013, 08:46 PM
Don't forget about phased tets. Give them a double wammy unless you want the option of [acc] x3.
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# 4
01-17-2013, 10:14 PM
It does sound painful to be running a torp boat with minimal energy weapons and no shield drains, but there's not really a good way around that since they gave NPCs so much Power Insulators and nerfed CPB, so I'm not going to argue with that. Do think hard about going to something with a Tetryon proc, or else the Polarized Disruptors, to help you get through shields faster. Also note that this is the lone exception to that rule about always running the same damage type, since you have no energy weapon consoles it's ok if your weapons are somewhat mixed, although maxing out on one particular proc is still advisable. Also, you shouldn't need 3 photon torps to max out the fire rate with 3 purple doffs, 2 quantums should actually be sufficient, and you can fill in the extra slot with a Dual Beam Bank or single Cannon.

However, you should not be running Diburnium armor unless you're a PvPer switching it out depending on what your opponents are using. Diburnium only resists phaser and disruptor, which are not overwhelmingly common and definitely are not your primary concern. Use Neutronium instead, that resists everything, including torpedoes which do the worst damage. Or, since you're a sci ship, skip armor entirely, I've never found it helps me all that much because the hull strength is so low, and use those slots for universal consoles. 3 of those that are readily obtainable and very powerful are the Isometric Charge, Zero Point Energy Conduit, and Assimilated Module. The RCS is also probably unnecessary, the Recon maneuvers pretty well. Finally, you probably don't need quite that much Grav Gen boost, and might want to take some Particle Gen instead for more damage.

Finally, if you're willing to do a respec you can get a significant improvement in performance. You have a lot of points in the power skills, and the thing with those is that the last 3 points in them provide next to no boost. With the way you're set up now you get 39/73/53/125 (actually 128) without EPtS in your Offensive setting, if you dropped every one of those skills down to 6 points you'd be getting 37/70/50/125 (actually 127), which is a pretty small difference (doesn't even cost you enough in shields to lose a percentage point in innate resistance), but would give you enough points to max out Targeting Systems and Particle Generators with 12,500 left over. The last 3 points in EPS are also probably unnecessary, they only provide 1 power with EPtS1 and 2 with EPtS2. (http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=155777 will let you calculate all that stuff about power levels, and http://home.comcast.net/~amicus/Skil...%20Effects.htm is great for all the other skills).
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# 5
01-18-2013, 12:26 AM
swap out one of those photon torps for a breen cluster torpedo. Then get yourself three projectile doffs. Work your way up to blue. the damage on that particular setup is hilarious. the breen cluster torp hits like a friggin mac truck. its basically a high yield tricobald every 15-25 seconds with that setup. The photons proc the projectile boffs like mad. if you really wanna go transphasic happy, get two out of the three pieces of the absolute zero breen set, for the extra transphasic damage and replace the photons with rapid reload transphasics. Thats the way i run my karfi carrier klink side. Its hilariously op. great thing about this build. it will cost you nothing. you can get everything from the breen missions.
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# 6
01-18-2013, 12:37 AM
First off as a sci u are loosing the ability to target sub systems without a beam weapon..no big loss but every little bit helps.

2ndly torpedos are ok ...mines are far superior IMO. better damage potential and splash damage from mines can be devastating. Our buddy tricobalt and the breen torp/mine are best examples.

I will assume you are going to full power to aux and the rest given to shileds/engines. Your slots using energy will be terrible.

My build is on the tholian carrier and I do 1 dual beam up front with 1 photon torp and 1 breen tor/mine on the rear i use 1 tricobalt mine 1 Photon mine and 1 tric torp

1 slow recharge mine coupled with a fast reloader maximizes their usage with Bo's as well as the Commander generic slot.

125aux and the rest to shields and I can tank like no other except my other Balboa build on my vesta.

having the 1 dual beam bank allows me to target ships sub sytems too
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# 7
01-18-2013, 05:08 AM
First off all, thanks for all the feedback.

I will go and swap my rear turrets and my rear beam for tetryon so i can down shields abit faster.
I thought about going 3 turrets at the back, but since they are there only for the proc and not for the dmg, I like to hold the option to subtarget systems and keep a beam array.

About the Diburnium armor and RCS. Thanks for that feedback. I will take a good look tonight at the options you gave me and take the consoles I prefer most.

Since I had 4 nightshifts and they are pretty boring, I had the chance to get 500 zen for a respec by doing the questionlists at the perfect world site.
I will change my skills to lose the points I wasted in the power skills and the EPS.

I had a look at the breen cluster and will give it a try, see how it works, its nice to have a big damage boost.
Since the breen stuff is easy to get (done all the missions with my tac cap, and just finished the cardassians with my sci), I will try the transphasic with the breenset and see how they do.

Oh and about the mines. They sound very interesting. I'll give them a try ones for sure. But atm I'm trying to get this build and playstyle the way I want.

Again, thanks for all the feedback!


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