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After trying to resolve this problem directly by the Support ticket, I am forced to place in the forum my problem.

But because I am paying for gold subscription and the support team are making a lot of confusion and can't have permission to explain directly to me, without giving a proper answer for a paying costumer for a paying better game support, I am now cancelling my gold subscription.

Before this, I am thinking to get Lifetime and pay for other PW/Crypt products, like Neverwinter and Champions Online subscription. But after this problem with the support team, I have no reason to keep paying for a worse support!

This is **not** about getting a ingame hint. I am not asking about how to get more dilithium, to find a easten egg or a hidden in-game perk or rare item.

I am asking about a gold subscription feature as not working, and asking about how this work, asking how the feature I am paying works ingame. If the Crypt / PW website is not really clear enough to explain how to works this feature, to get how many levels I have to reach to get my extra inventory, bank, ship and bridge office slots from gold subscription, I am in the right to ask directly to Support, because the support feature is a gold subscription feature, to have a better support in comparative a silver account!

If I am forced to go to the STO Forum to ask something as not working rightly because the Support team don't have the permission to explain in a clear, directly and simple way how to works the gold subscription features, I have no reason to pay a gold subscription, because some of features are not enough clear to me, not working rightly because:

A ) I am asking to support team to check and explain how this work to play without any stress or problems, because in the another toon/character worked in some way, but in a new toon/character don't work... Without getting the bank, inventory, ship, bridge officer slots. The crypt/PW website don't explain in a clear and direct way about how I get the extra slots. And the support team by ticket make a lot confusion, saying my gold subscription is silver and have no gold subscription rights!

B ) The support team have at least to explain and give some secure feeling to the consumer, explaing how to works in a clear way the extra slots features of gold subscription.

C ) In the initial texts, someone of the support team in the ticket says I have a Silver account, while I am paying a gold subscription. Some time later I send some screenshots to confirm I have Gold subscription. Note: I have to proof I am paying to get a better support, and I have to proof I have a gold subscription because the support team can't have enough traing or caution to do this... Giving to me stress and problems.

Later, after asking help and a proper orientation no one can simple say "You get your extra slots in this level, this level and this level", not ingame hints to do more damage or take a absurd advantage from other player.

I am asking how to works a feature I am paying for!

The support system have to at least clear any doubt and have enough permissions to explain about the gold subscription features. If I am forced to the forum just to check this? WTF? What reason I have to pay gold subscription??? They can't at least do a simple Control C control V with a table showing to me the right levels to get a gold subscription feature??

The support team can have permission to answer this. They make a lot of confusion about how my account is gold, is silver, can't give a proper answer for a direct question.

Really, I am really tired to try to the right answers by the support system and later as forced to go to the forum to get support by other players because the support team don't have permission to explain about gold features, in a gold subscription I am paying.

The same support system make a lot fo confusion, asking for features don't work correctly and can't explain directly because is "ingame hints" and not really gold subscription features I am paying. One of them is a better and improved priority and better support.

If someone of the PW/Crypt really have time and want to check, the ticket is 130114-000256. And now I am cancelling my gold account for STO, before turning in a Lifetime account or before to place any other coin in any PW/Crypt product. Now and in the future.

Champions Online, Star Trek Online are good games and have good dev teams, but I lost all confidence in the technical support and the way they explain their products and give the proper help, because even paying for ingame features, even paying for a better ingame support or by ticket support, they make a lot of confusion and don't have a proper permission to explain directly to a consumer how some gold subscription features works, to give a real helping hand and avoid problems and confusions created by erroneous explanations, confusion and terrible tech support.

Crypt/PW have a lot to learn with other groups, how to deal with the consumers.

Because this event, I can't incentive in any way getting the gold subscription. To us, silver and gold is the same garbage. Asking clear and objective answers, with attention and caution to check information to avoid any stress, confusion or misinformation to consumers is not the highest priority.
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?
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01-17-2013, 06:16 PM
Too bad Gold doesn't give you a way to shorten a pointless arguement that is clearly nothing but whining over nothing.
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01-17-2013, 06:33 PM
wow after reading all that i still dont have a clue what you are on about. maybe thats why u are having trouble with customer surpport they dont understand.
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01-17-2013, 06:33 PM
If you want to know what levels you get your extra Bridge Officer slots at, the information is here:

Mouse over the "?" icon, and it tells you. You get them at Lt. Commander, Commander, and Rear Admiral Lower Half ranks. If you can't figure out what that means, it's levels 10, 20, and 40 respectively. However, since they specify ranks and not levels, it could technically mean between 10-19, 20-29, or 40-44. If your Bridge Officer slots don't show up on your character past those levels, then you have grounds for a tech support ticket, and I'm sure they'd be able to provide you with a satisfactory resolution.

The problem was that you were asking the wrong question, and it was one that they can't answer for you since its beyond the scope of what they are allowed to support. The forums are actually a good place to get questions like this answered. Hope this helps somewhat.

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01-17-2013, 06:46 PM
At each of the level thresholds (reaching levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, and 50), and after spending the required amount of skill points, you should receive a mission titled with the appropriate rank. For example, after spending your available skill points at Level 10, you will receive a mission titled "Promotion: Lieutenant Commander". At level 20, you'll receive a mission titled "Promotion: Commander", and so on.

This mission will instruct you to travel back to Earth Spacedock and talk to Admiral Quinn. When you do that, the mission should resolve, and grand you the approprate rewards for your rank and account type.

You should note, however, that rewards will be granted for your current account type. The Gold rewards are not given retroactively (as far as I know), nor are they removed if you change back to silver.

IF you have finished that mission, and spent all your skill points, and are a Gold member, then you should receive the bridge officer slots appropriate for that rank. (you can see which ranks will grant those slots by checking the features matrix on the STO site) If all three qualifications are true, and you still haven't received them, then that's a valid reason to contact tech support.

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01-17-2013, 07:47 PM
Good point. Many of those rewards are not given retroactively. Another example is the retrain tokens that you get if you're gold are only given if you're gold at the time you level up your character. It sucks, but there it is.
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01-17-2013, 07:49 PM
The initial problem is because Ingame I don't get some gold subscription features in one of my new toons/characters. And opened a support ticket to check this issue.

After opening a ticket support, someone said I have a silver account and don't have the rights of the gold subscription features... While I am paying for gold.

After taking screenshots and giving a proof I have an active gold Account, the support team confirmed I have a gold sbscription active (...) but can't give a proper answer about my problem, with a toon without extra slots and other gold account features.

After I requesting a proper and better explanation about the real reason I don't get the extra slots and other features of my gold subscription, the support asked to me to ask to the forum.

Instead of directing me to the correct page with a link, or explain something simple, they sent me to ask in open forum, saying "We can't give a ingame hint!".

This the limit. After spending days checking tickets asking about explanations, they make a lot of confusion about the current state of my subscription, and without explaining in a clear, direct way, giving a simple link or a better explanation, they simple send you to the open forum.

Wait a moment. Gold subscription have the right of some ingame features, because you are paying for this and not working correctly to me.

I asked for help and gived a lot of problems, making confusion, losing days waiting for answer for the support staff after I give the proofs of my gold subscription.

After that, They lost a good opportunity to solve the problem, a lazy way to send to the open forum responsibility to pass a clear and direct information to a consumer, while pays to have a different and a better customer support.

"Ingame hints" is a thing, If you ask how to get more dilithium, how to get more omega or romulan marks, what is a better KDF or FED starship is a thing. Another is asking how to works a gold subscription feature, because this looks not right.

If you are PAYING for the gold subscription, at least you have the right to ask directly to the support team the reason why not work right and get a clear and direct answer. More, you are PAYING for a better support, to explain and get the answers. Is about support of a product, you are paying.

But the support team, using the "ingame hints" excuse, send me to the open forums without give the proper answer, sounding a lazy and discouraging. If it were to have a support by forum, never would have signed the gold subscription, and never opened a ticket about this problem.

Ok, anyone of the forum can give a quickly and better explanation, but truly, cuatela gived a proper answer and pointed the problem: IF the gold feature don't worked right, and the opening of the ticket went to check it out.

This happened, but now, this don't worth. After created and hit the level 11 of one character, delete and maker another to confirm the problem before opening the ticket with 2 gold subscriptions... :/ With the gold account of my husband and later, with mine.

If tech support can not put this question clearly to the consumer, and has no technical of social ability to find out what is the difficulty of the customer and generate even more stress and headaches, creating confusion, then I have no reason to pay for gold account poor support service and dubious information how works any ingame advantages of the gold subscription.

After the whole problem, this topic is about "If you wish to discuss your feedback with the game community, we encourage you to do so on the official forums".

Alright. My feedback is this: After a poor support, I cancelled gold subscription and the gold of my husband. In two gold subscriptions have the same problems, and after trying to check and find a solution with the support, I am really dissatisfied by the way the support was done, the way that the whole mess had, by the time that was lost, the inability to do a check in a clear and reliable information on the situation of the customer gold subscription, the proper "permission" to give a link, to give a clear and accurate information, to properly orient a costumer in a support is paid, and for this reason have to have a differential and greater care to justify paying of this support.

If the support can't give a proper explanation, can't have permission to explain the features of a paid subscription, while show problems, while the same support looks to my account and say "this is SILVER, not GOLD"...

Truly, I am really tired of all stress.

Better cancel than continue to have problems with a product that does not work properly, has no proper support, where only the other consumers are able to give a better and clearer information than the employee paid can't give because unknow reasons.

And after that, the same suport says "ask to the forums and give your feedback".

My feedback is this: Two Gold subscription cancelled, my opinions and bad experiences with technical support and subscription, and so I tried to check for problems with the subscription were made.

A better, clear and careful explanation can be more effective to check whether the customer is right or wrong, if you have any problem with the product or not. But at the time the procedure has technical flaws and generates stress and problems for consumers, so better stop paying for this or switch to other product.

I respect the dev. team of Crypt, they are hardworking and dedicated, but for a product that has the mark of Star Trek, which has paid options, customer support is really disappointing. And because of this, I take the option of not paying anything more for something that is not working properly.

To me, is better to become silver, get dilithium and spend weeks to take anything from the game instead to pay any dolar. I have no problems to pay and pay well for a good product and a good support. But after this problem with the support, Is better to me to request a better quality paying only when the service become attractive and efficient again.

This post has been edited to remove content which violates the Perfect World Entertainment Community Rules and Policies . ~BranFlakes
PW/Crypt can't make more KDF Content?

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You do realise that Gold and Silver new characters start off the same, right? And that Gold characters unlock the extra bank, bag, boff, etc, slots as they level up? You don't get everything as soon as you create the character.

At least, I think this is what you are talking about. I understand English isn't your primary language, but even so, you don't explain your problem, well, at all really. It's just a rant about hos customer support isn't doing it's job.

Also, if I'm reading your support number correctly, you only submitted it a few days ago. Give them a chance to get back to you?

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01-18-2013, 06:21 AM
Pela sua assinatura vejo que voc? ? brasileiro.

Realmente n?o consegui entender qual a sua d?vida pelo seu post. Al?m da sua frustra??o com o suporte, qual o real problema que est? acontecendo com seu personagem?
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01-18-2013, 06:50 AM
I received the now infamous:

"We can't give in-game hints"

message myself a number of times for bugs and issues. Basically it just means the GM's don't know the answer so they palm you off with this stock message.

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