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Dear Coaches:

In our last meeting, we had some great conversation around the topic of a Boot Camp channel. Naz and Brandon of Pandas were very gracious in offering not only to allow Boot Camp to use the Panda Cubs channel but even to rename the channel so that it would appear fleet neutral. Thanks to you both for this generous offer.

Ultimately, I don't think we have the resources to manage such a channel at this time. If Boot Camp is to have a channel, I want to make sure we have people to manage it diligently. The channel--if it were to exist--would need to a safe place where any "noob" could feel welcome. And maintaining a channel at such high standards would require a lot of time and commitment.

So for now, please continue to use the Boot Camp TS, OPvP, and the Sad Panda Cubs channel to communicate with your students. I know that some of you have even created private channels that you use to communicate with your students. You have all shown a remarkable amount of initiative. Keep up the good work.

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01-18-2013, 12:22 PM
Truthfully Organizedpvp isn't really the best channel to maybe ask for advice on there might be people trolling and just talk crap(myself included) but I think the best choice for everyone is if you /channel_join OrganizedPVP , start talking ask for advice anyhow and maybe get someone to tell you in private or hop on some ts talk to someone who pvps, even if OrganizedPVP isn't the best channel when it comes to "safe" chat channels.

I think it offers fun and community for the pvp players. I know that there are people out there who think the moderation is bad but I think this isn't the case its always been a sort of neutral place where people can **** around and talk crap but don't make it too personal or not too stupid alright..

Obvious trolls and racial garbage and other crap is something the mods will ban people for tho.

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