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I've been trying for a bit now to get my alts Borg Engineer BOff (the one from pre-orders and now C-Store) trained with Emergency Power to Shields III. The officer is bound though, so I can't trade it to anyone or mail it to my engineer alt. My latest attempt was having my engineer alt train one of his disposables with the skill and then get the officer to the other character. Alas, that didn't work because he took the disposable BOff strait into his commissioned officers list.

Anyone know a way of doing this?
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01-21-2013, 05:05 PM
As oh right now, there's no way to get captain only skills on the Borg boff. I ran in to the same problem. Hopefully Cryptic makes our doffs tradeable.
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01-21-2013, 05:32 PM
It seems to me a better idea, for Boffs at any rate, would be to have a slot in the trade window that doesn't trade the officer but allows for another player to apply a skill training to it. It would be similar to the little slot in the bottom of the WoW trade window that allows others to apply enchantments and the like to your bound gear.

Then the player helping you doesn't need to have a free slot, you don't have any risk of the player running off with your officer (I don't know if this actually happens, but it's' certainly possible), it makes the process require one less transaction, etc.
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