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# 1 Annoyance of the Day
01-19-2013, 06:02 PM
*This thread is intended to vent, nothing more*

I have this KDF engineer who I love and yet also hate to play. You see I put him inside a Negvar, slapped a bunch of beams on it and decided he would hull tank no matter the cost. It wasn't easy but a few boff ability swaps later and a keybind or three and now it works pretty well. He doesn't carry a Tac Team because well I didn't want him too. Even had to pick up a doff to get rid of that silly assimilate ship but I made it work. He now tanks like a boss even with his shield facing down more often than up! The only problem is every time I play him it makes my spacebar cry. While he does hull tank he still needs to redistribute shields and that means I jam my spacebar about every three seconds. I'm thinking of investing in one of those bird things that rocks back and forth as that might work. I tried training my cat to hit the spacebar but that didn't end well.

So I decided to jump on my fed engineer. He is in a steamrunner right now and farming PvE pretty well but I remembered reading about those boffs being fixed last patch. So I say hey, more crit is always good I'll go pick one up. I fly over to the embassy, spend my dilithium, then transwarp back to ESD to get him ready to replace one of my other boffs. But no, it couldn't be quite that easy. The boff I wanted to replace has APB3 and can't really train that on ESD. On the plus side I only bought one instead of two so I just retired a different boff but arrgh that is getting really old with bound boffs.

Mashing spacebar over and over and over and over is annoying!
Captain Boff training also annoying!

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