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01-19-2013, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by xigbarg View Post
Speaking of which, when will Mary Sue be added to the game and suddenly become the beloved captain of the Enterprise F?
They'll never let our captains aboard the F.
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A hard example of an integrated marketing approach:

Marketing is not ad copy writing or PR spin control.

Marketing as an integrated approach might mean looking at planned system changes BEFORE they leave the design phase, analyze issues with prospective customer responses, soften the edges off not only before going live but before hitting Tribble, and maybe look at ways of implementing some changes in phases rather all at once. (And in other cases, possibly where rolling out in phases would be detrimental.)

Cryptic focuses on the "what" of what needs to be done a lot. They focus on the "why" only halfway, from the perspective of design intent. And seldom the "how." The "how" is pretty much at the artistic discretion of twenty people rather than being an integrated approach. The "how" is always "We release a patch" or "We do it in a mission" or "We put it on the C-Store." They may analyze player actions but it's an economic analysis and I think economic analysis is geared for production. And it leads to releasing products and having post-mortems where you say, "What's wrong with our customers? We datamined their activities. We did everything right. We must have mis-analyzed something."

And, well... I don't actually think the quality of the analysis is what's bad there. It's the TYPE of analysis they performed (metric, economic rather than philosophical or values based). That type of analysis works for some things and not for others.

If you're selling copper wiring or ammonia or concrete, that approach works pretty well. If you're selling a car or a hamburger or a $5 cup of coffee or even white cotton socks, a purely economic analysis is no better than rolling the dice. Because hedge fund managers, the absolute best ones? Have a track record that, at best, yields results 10% above random.

You need an eye on narrative and marketing in the design phases. Numbers do not contain superior truth. Consumers are not rational. Marketing and narrative aren't a garnish, they're an ingredient.
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It is only blown out of proportion if you choose to blow it out of proportion.

I have a Wells class ship, and I role play my character as being involved in a slightly botched attempt to recover a timepship from the 25th Century Tholians. Although somewhat successful, Temporal Investigation from both the 25th and 29th Centuries belive something larger is amiss and my character has stayed in the 25th Century to investigate and remidy (with help from Section 31 to mask my presence and use nasty smear tactics against the character of anyone identify my ship ).

I'd have to be pretty conceited to think something like an NX or Connie would ruin my gameplay.
Most JJ Trek hate = IDIC fail.
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In regards to TOS era ships, lets not forget that the Feds did often bestow outdated ships, including Connie's to 'friends' and allies of starfleet. Albeit stripped down and what not. So seeing a TOS connie for instance could be in the realms of realistic if looking at it from the perspective of the society who was bestowed such a gift. They could be hundred of years behind the federation making the Connie a valuable commodity for trade and or peace negotiations.

That being said, I'd happily fly my connie (1701-A) if it had Tier 5 specs. Love that look. Excel always made me think of a u-boat for some reason... its the top of it i think....too flat. But as months have gone by I am longing to fly a proper fed ship again and the Excle retro-fit seems like the only option if I was interested in flying something more TOS movie era.

I do like the sovereign though... but wish it had a neck.
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Connies don't bother me nor do other faction ships. Now, I think it would be foolish of Cryptic not to make the Connie require money or work because the demand is there for it and failing to do so would be silly.

In terms of lockbox ships, I'll add something.

You know why they don't bug me? Because I don't assume everyone around me is in Starfleet or the KDF, nor do I know how they got their ship. You have to meta-game to even know what faction other players are. Likewise with obsolete or odd uniforms.

When I see someone in a TOS uniform, I think, "Huh. I wonder if they're a time traveler from the past."
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When I see someone in a TOS uniform, I think, "Huh. I wonder if they're a time traveler from the past."
I think, "Ah! Now there's someone with a sense of style."
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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Imagine if Cryptic didn't include all the older vessels for players to use ...

We'd be seeing a LOT more posts devoted to complaining that the Wrath of Khan Miranda skin was not in the game or "where's my TOS Constitution?!"

Sure, it breaks some level emersion, but it's better to be less restrictive (in this regard) than to be as "accurate" as possible.

For example, I don't like the current flowing, streamlined look of the Odyssey. But instead of complaining about it, I'll just fly my Excelsior ... because it's beautiful to me and awesome for my game-play. Thank you Cryptic for letting me use a 23rd Century design in the 25th Century.
Mirandas were in use during the Dominion war but I think they would have been retired by 2409. I agree with this poster that if these ships were not in game players would want to have them anyways. The timeships are still rare enough that if you dont like them you can ignore them. I think the Miranda and constitution should have been lockbox or c store ships to make them uncommon too. Although you captain a ship at ensign rank so an outdated miranda makes some sense for a first ship, but a shuttle may have been a better first ship..
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No - I don't believe it's been blown out of proportion. Here's my reasoning:

There are multiple instances of the game; multiples of DS9, ESD, First city etc. Are these instances part of the overall reality, or a mechanism to sustain thousands of Captain Kirks Wannabees (Myself included)?

The number of these ship oddities are relatively low, by overall users, and substantially smaller by each instance.

Each mission from your first tutorials are geared around the individual's experiences. In the simplest of of description - there is only one admiral that faced all of them - you.

The variety of ships is designed to meet all possible wants by YOU the PLAYER. You have the option of accessing them or not. In my case - the more ships - the better. If I could have them all - I WOULD.

This is an MMO. It supports THOUSANDS of YOU's and ME's.

Given this is IP (intellectual property) controlled by another party, any ship that exists within the established continuity is fair game to be added to the game without conflicting with the goals of the IP holders.

Whew - having dumped that, I will admit they may have gone overboard with the Breen ship. But you know what? I'm okay with it.

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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
When I see someone in a TOS uniform, I think, "Huh. I wonder if they're a time traveler from the past."
I think, "Ah! A member of the Starfleet Academy Historic Re-enactment Society!"

I actually made a short Foundry mission where you have to save a SAHRS Constitution class that gets ambushed by Klingons while on an educational cruise. Which reminds me, I need to update that mission to put it over the time limit.

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!
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Originally Posted by warbird1988 View Post
I was just wondering if everybody was happy with the way that Cryptic are now taking vessels from other periods in history and converging them all into the 2409 storyline. I feel that this has not be discussed and for me, this effects the game credibility... using TOR as an example, I do not believe that Bioware itself would add the X-Wing or Tie-Fighter into the game because it would be detrimental to the timeline.

I want to know if Cryptic can defend this position of randomly going through episodes, looking at ships and just chucking them in for any other reason to make as much money as possible off fan service.

This is not a rage or flame against Cryptic. I just want to know the community opinion of such rampant disregard for Star Trek's history and how this effects the game's credibility as an actual game and not a bad fan-fiction that just happens to be endorsed by CBS? Would Gene be rolling in his grave that his message has been sacrificed by corporate suits?
Comparing Star Trek to Star Wars eh.
How about the fact that there is no real visual way to tell it is 1000 years before the movies or 1000 years after. They always have hyperdrive, blasters, force users, doomsday weapons. You would think they would come up with transporters or something after 1000s of years.

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