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# 1 Fleet Nova help
01-19-2013, 04:46 AM
I'm thinking of fitting my new science toon with a fleet nova just wondering if anyone has a decent build or setup or both I could use?

Would prefer cannons, I know single cannons and turrets are the only choices here.

Not going for dps I am going for a fun to fly build but still useful.

Many thanks in advance.

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# 2
01-19-2013, 09:45 AM
You may want to try this out:

Fore: 2x Phaser beam array Mk XII, Mk XII Quantum Torp
Aft: As fore

Full Aegis

Eng: 2x Neutronium Mk XI (Blue), Transwarp computer/Monotanium Mk XI (Purple)
Sci: Borg, Particle Generator Mk XI (Blue), Emitter array Mk XI (Blue), Field Generator Mk XI (Blue)
Tac: 3x Phaser relay Mk XI (Blue)

LTC Tac: Tactical Team 1, Beam Fire at Will 2, Attack Pattern Beta 2
LT Eng: Emergency power to shields 1, Emergency power to shields 2/Auxiliary power to Structural integrity field 1 (If you have 3 Purple Damage control doffs)
CMDR Sci: Hazard emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2, Tykens Rift 2, Gravity Well 2/3
LT Sci: Jam Targeting Sensors 1/Science Team 1 (Your choice), Tractor Beam 2
Ens Sci: Polarize Hull 1

3 Damage control (Purple), Others of your choice

Power levels
Weapons: x/100
Shields: x/25
Engines: x/25
Auxiliary: x/50

This works brilliantly with an engineer captain and I plan on running the same build on my new sci when I finish levelling them.
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# 3
01-19-2013, 11:49 AM
I used MK XII AntiProton Single Cannons on my Fleet Nova Class with the MK XII Adapted MACO set and the 3 piece Omega set.

Tanky on ESTF KA and Cure.

BOFF layout:

Lt. Cmd Tac- TT1, HYT 2, CRF 2
Lt Eng- EPtS1, Aux2SIF 1
Ens Sci- HE1
Lt Sci- TSS1, HE2
Cmd Sci- PH 1, ST2, Tractor Beam Repulsors 2, GW3
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# 4
01-19-2013, 12:08 PM
I use a Dual Tetryon beam array along with a phased cannon in the front, and two turrets in the back. Even though you can have on turret in the back along with an aft beam. Torpedoes back and in front.

Cannons help take out the shielding more easier as I have seen with my fleet nova and its worked wonders while fighting borg. You just have to find the right abilities and stuff to help out on your ship. I would suggest to have a borg set. Cause in PVP you might not be able to take out shielding but you can stay alive longer. Tac team, reverse shield polarity, and transfer shield strength is one of the main abilities I use. Comes in handy when you're being pursued by an escort. And always have an ability or two that can take out a person weapons. You can be a good back up for your team mates. A.K.A a troll in the game.
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# 5
01-19-2013, 12:08 PM
Haven't tried the Fleet Nova, but I did use a Polaron single cannon build on my Recon before I got the Vesta. Adapting it to the Nova would look something like this:

Fore: 2xSingle Cannons, Quantum Torp
Aft: 3xTurrets

Full MACO set

TT1, TS2, CSV2
EPtS1, EPtS2
HE1, TR1, PSW1, GW3

I've been rethinking the CPB, it got nerfed pretty heavily recently, so I might replace it with Energy Siphon. I don't know how well this build will do on survivability, the Nova does have less health than a Recon and it pushes the TSS down to 1. It should, however, do plenty of damage and provide some solid CC capability.
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# 6
01-20-2013, 09:52 AM
When I get mine I'm gonna make it a semi-torp boat, running a phaser beam array fore and aft, fore quantum and chroniton, aft quantum and transphasic/tricobalt.

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