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I just finished the Romulan Tier 5 Reputation (Claimed Tier 5). On another character, a mission appeared to summon D'Tan (for the cutscene) in the underground ruins (after redoing The Power Source daily). But for my second character to complete it (Fedside, Jornomar), nothing happens.

Not sure if its a lag, whether it will appear eventually, etc. I recall having the same issue with ShuttleCodes where the cutscene mission does not appear until some time later after doing the Claim project. But I also noticed some people experience not getting accolades when completing parts of the Omega T5 Rep system (MACO Elite Commander, etc) and has been stuck since.

Has someone else been experiencing this after claiming the Romulan Tier 5? Could be just lag, but its very disturbing that the characters can get stuck this way and no way to reset or redo...
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01-19-2013, 02:51 PM
UPDATE: I recall on the Shuttle Codes, I ended up doing the Mountain Pass mission first, then the Shuttle Codes mission appeared after I finished the Mountain Pass mission and exitted the instance. So I had to wait for another day to redo it.

With that in mind, I took the Power Source mission anyway, entered the instance, but noticed I picked the wrong Boff so I exitted. The mission "Signal D'tan" then appeared, along with messages of me receiving the accolades.

So it looks like its a lag of some sorts, and if you experience it, doing what I did may resolve it. I got one more character to Tier 5 Romulan Rep finishing tomorrow, so hopefully the issue won't re-occur.
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01-19-2013, 08:25 PM
a relog fixes this bug. sometimes even a map change. but best to log out and back in

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