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okay. i tested this with /showfps 1. overlapping UI frames cause a signifigant drop in fps. even if they are disabled. opening any window on top of another frame of the UI will cause a severe drop. while in space in combat if you open your character sheet and it overlaps anything including the raid frame it will start stalling, nothing drastic on newer computers. but lower end machines will have problems with this. a possible fix would be making it impossible to let any window or frame overlap another. tested at full settings 1080p dx 11.1 full settings on CCC. win 8.1 E 15 US HP notebook with modded cooling features i added myself. my cooling is more than adequate for sto i made sure of it. there are a few things that could be optimized in the GUI but overlapping frames is causing alot of stalls for alot of people. tested at highest lowest and medium settings, if you disable the GUI it will hit the limiter no matter what you are doing.

hope this helps


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01-17-2015, 05:52 PM
Makes sense, this does. Repairs for this, I foresee none
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01-17-2015, 06:29 PM
A fun thing the devs/artists/Cryptic could do is the following.

Open up the DOFF window and go to Assignments. Just grab any section where it has Assignments listed there.

Open up the Inventory window.

Drag the Inventory window over top of the Result area of those Assignments you've got listed there so they are no longer visible.

Move the mouse around over the Inventory window and notice that it displays the Result popup from the Assignment from the Assignment window located beneath the Inventory window.

Same thing will happen if you've got the Assignment window open and you open the Sector Map window, etc, etc, etc.

Should it be doing that? Shouldn't it work like if you move the Inventory window over the Hotbars?

Oh well, just rambling...

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01-19-2015, 07:06 PM
Came here exactly to complain about that. I rearranged my ground UI so there were no overlap. Registered around 25 fps at Starfleet Academy, near Lt. Ferra while everything et at minimum. Then, I hide the UI. fps jumps to ~50. Really, they need fix this. Its been broken for ages and greatly diminishes the game quality.

For note: I'm running in a notebook withg an i5, 8GB RAM and a geforce 660M with 2GB RAM.

Edit: Just for clarity. I was complaining about the bug, not the solution. Although, the solution did not work, unfortunately =/
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