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# 1 Stuck in Coliseum Arena
01-19-2013, 10:30 PM
I started "Coliseum" and was enjoying it up until I was forced into some sort of trap. Events led me to an "arena" where I am supposed to fight animals. I don't like doing that so I tried to drop the mission and leave.

After dropping the mission, I still can't beam out. I tried everything I could think of to leave, including logging out for a while then going back in, but I'm still in this arena zone. I submitted a support ticket but haven't had any answer. Typing /killme just opens a support ticket type of window. When I try to contact a GM all I get are more standard help choices to click through and eventually another choice of ticket to raise.

Is there any way out of this mission??? I just want to quit it and do the next one O.O

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