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I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine which species of Boff's to use for my ground away team. I thought the Aenar was cool but they seem to die rather quickly. Does anyone have a suggestion on which species to use for ground and should I use a single species for all my away team. I need a Boff that can take a licking and keep on ticking.
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01-20-2013, 12:11 AM
Not an expert for ground combat, but the more important than species (and traits) seems to me their profession and abilitie trained.

Scis can heal almost everything, they can also heavily debuff enemies.

Tacs will do a lot of damage but will die rather easily if not supported.

Engs are tanky through shield healing and can "create" for you many helpful turrets, gens, ...
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01-20-2013, 01:13 AM
Caitian and Ferasan are excellent for Tactical. And the Borg you get for the Assimilated accolade is great for Science.

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01-20-2013, 01:49 AM
I like to use the Jem?Hadar Tactical Officer simply because he has the highest hit point out of all my Bridge Officers (748 Health when he uses Ketracel White and a +55 Maximum hit point mod found in some Armors).

If you have the Vorta Biochemist Duty Officer named Dossier on active duty you can replicate Ketracel White from your replicator.

My healer is the Borg Science Bridge Officer you get from the Ground STF Khitomer Accord. His has the Superior Borg Nanites trait that give a 227 shield heal every 5 sec

For me they are my two must haves on all my away teams.
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01-20-2013, 03:03 AM
TAC: The Jem'Hadar + JH ground set + ketracel. I prefer Orion (with SS*) or Human actually.
SCI: Borg SCI (same one as the OP's)
ENG: Liberated Borg ENG or Orion (with SS)/Human

Although, unless you're running Elite difficulty, you could take Ferengi with you and it wouldn't matter (and their screams are delightful). Really, take what seems the most fun/funniest with you.

I'm somewhat lazy, so I use the same away team / gear for everything.

TAC: Jem'Hadar + Fractal Remod / Omega
SCI: Omega/KHG
ENG1: Adapated MACO/Adapted KHG

Giving them power cell devices really boost their damage too.

*SS = Superior Seduce. Like the Vulcan Neck/Nerve Pinch... but with a greater chance of hilarity.
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01-20-2013, 05:41 PM
I don't really care about the traits. More the looks.

Right now I have a Romulan Engineer (Alien), Khitomer Borg Sci Officer, Breen Tactical Officer and Gordon Freeman in an Orange "Hazard Suit."

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