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I?m a bit concerned about what will happen to the ships when the level cap is raised ?
Will there be a complete line of new ships (Tier 6)? If yes, what will happen to the ships from the z-store and the lockboxes? Considering that many people have spent a lot time and/or money on these ships it would be pretty bad if they just become outdated.

Proposed solution

Instead of just introducing new Tier 6 ships I propose that Tier 5 ships can be upgraded to Tier 6 (in addition to new Tier 6 ships). This way ships from the z-store and the lockboxes would not become outdated. It would also allow players to use ships which are not very popular (because there are other more efficient ships) by upgrading them according to their individual needs.

Regarding the cost of the upgrade I would propose that the upgrade of a ship costs one fleet ship module or a similar token and that one token should be given to each character then the new level cap is reached. This would allow every player to have at least one Tier 6 ship - while additional Tier 6 would cost a reasonable amount of Zen/Dilithium

For the upgrades itself I propose that a few rules will be introduced to define in which way ships can be upgraded

2 additional consoles can be added to each ship, but no more than 6 consoles of the same type are allowed.

Bridge officers
2 bridge officers can be upgraded, the ensign to lieutenant and one of the lieutenants to lieutenant commander.

Ship weapons
Each ship will get one additional forward weapon slot.

Ship energy bonus
The energy bonus for each ship is increased by 10. This bonus can be added weapons, shields, engine or aux, either +10 on one energy type or +5 on two energy types.

Ship hull, shield and engine
The ship hull and shields are upgrade by roughly 10% compared to tier 5.
In addition to that general upgrade, the player can choose to upgrade the hull by 10%, the shields by 10% or the turn rate by 2.


The following examples illustrate how such ship upgrades could work. Please note that this are only 3 variants and that much more (hundreds) would be possible.

Example Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit:
Hull 33,000 --> 36,000 (general upgrade)
Shields 4,703 --> 5,200 (general upgrade) --> 5700 (additional bonus by players choice)
Turn rate 17
Weapons 4 / 3 --> 5 / 3
Bridge officers:
Commander tactical
Lieutenant commander tactical
Ensign tactical --> Lieutenant tactical
Lieutenant Science
Lieutenant Engineering --> Lieutenant commander engineering (by players choice)
Tactical 5 --> 6 (by players choice)
Engineering 3 --> 4 (by players choice)
Science 2
Energy bonus
+15 weapons power --> +25 weapons power (by players choice)

Example Fleet Star Cruiser:

Hull 42,900 --> 47,200 (general upgrade)
Shields 5,748 --> 6,350 (general upgrade)
Turn rate 7 --> 9 (additional bonus by players choice)
Weapons 4 / 4 --> 5 / 4
Bridge officers:
Commander engineering
Lieutenant commander engineering
Lieutenant tactical --> Lieutenant commander tactical (by players choice)
Lieutenant science
Ensign science --> Lieutenant science
Engineering 4
Tactical 2 --> 4 (by players choice)
Science 4

Energy bonus
+5 to weapons power --> +15 to weapons power (by players choice)
+5 to shields power
+5 to engine power
+5 to aux power

Example Fleet Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit

Hull 29,700 --> 33,000 (general upgrade)
Shields 7,472 --> 8250 (general upgrade) --> 9,000 (additional bonus by players choice)
Turn rate 12
Weapons 3 / 3 --> 4 / 3
Bridge officers:
Commander science
Lieutenant commander science
Ensign science --> Lieutenant science
Lieutenant tactical
Lieutenant engineering --> Lieutenant commander engineering (by players choice)
Science 4 --> 6 (by players choice)
Engineering 3
Tactical 3

Energy bonus
+15 to aux power --> +25 to aux power (by players choice)
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01-19-2013, 06:35 AM
Well when we make Fleet Admiral the presumption is that we will be able to use some of our other fitted ships (lower tier most likely) with our excess weapons and boffs. I'd like to see T6 ships be almost equal to T5 ships but gain 1 or more "command slots" to slot other ships into a squadron.

The increase from Fleet T5 to T6 should be no bigger than from T5 to Fleet T5.

But, as far as your example goes, what about ships that don't have an ensign slot (like the Vo'Quv)?
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01-19-2013, 06:46 AM
regarding the Vo'Quv

In this case we might think of giving that ship an additional boff (ensign) when it is upgraded to Tier 6.
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01-19-2013, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by richardgross82 View Post
This proposal is one way to do it that warrants discussion.

in general, really hope there would be a way to upgrade to Tier 6, at a reasonable cost (Cryps gotta keep the light on yknow )

I speculate that they pretty much have to as all the iconic ships of 2409 are tier 5 already (Odyssey, Vesta etc)

If i had it my way, there'd be no tier 6 and player admirals period.

but that boat has sailed as it were haha.
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01-19-2013, 08:12 AM
I really don't want to see ships with 6 consoles of one type, specifically no escorts with six tactical consoles! Not unless they change how tactical consoles stack with one another, as it'll just widen the gap too far.

I do agree with upgrading, but I think that people have already purchased the tier V ship be allowed to upgrade to the tier VI upgrade ship for free, and make some of the tier V ships free (well, cost Dilithium with one for free when you reach tier V).

The Dreadnought Cruiser for example would make a decent option as one of the "free" tier V ships, but anyone that has purchased it deserves a Tier VI upgraded version. The Odyssey doesn't really need an upgrade IMO, maybe just move it into tier VI with some tweaks, since it seems more of a flag-ship than many other tier V options.
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01-19-2013, 09:14 AM
I think fleet ships should be exempt from any upgrades at the moment considering they are the present standard. What you are proposing would allow me to have yet another damage boosting skill on my fleet Excelsior as well as giving me level 3 hazard emitters opening a slot for polarise hull which combined with putting the +10 power into aux and putting in appropriate consoles I could not only do yet more damage but I can make it potentially indestructible.

As much as I would enjoy having something that powerful I am not going to ask for an uber-celsior.
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01-19-2013, 09:25 AM
For arguments sake im going to make an incredibly OP escort using your suggestions:

Example Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier:
Hull Whatever (general upgrade)
Shields Whatever (general upgrade)
Turn rate 15 --> 17
Weapons 4 / 3 --> 5 / 3
Bridge officers:
Commander tactical
Lieutenant tactical -->Lieutenant commander tactical
Ensign tactical --> Lieutenant tactical
Lieutenant Science
Lieutenant Commander Engineering
Tactical 4 -->5 (by players choice)
Engineering 3 --> 4 (by players choice)
Science 3
Energy bonus:
+10 weapons power, +5 engine power --> +15 weapons power, +5 engine power, +5 shield power (by players choice)
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01-19-2013, 09:32 AM
For all intensive purposes we already have Tier 6 ships: Fleet ships and the VA C-Store ships are a little better than any of the free tier 5 ships. New ships should simply be more of the same but with a higher level requirement to "distinguish" them. Making ships that people have spent real money on useless is not the way to go.
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01-19-2013, 09:47 AM
I tend to agree with OP.

If Cryptic want's to kill the game off, the solution is to release a new Tier of ships without the option to upgrade current ships for no extra Cryptic Store charge... (yes... C-Store ships will have to be upgrade-able for free, and that includes Fleet ships).

It would kill the game, drive away whatever core players they have and probably damage their (Cryptic and PWE) reputation for a very very long time.

Because come on... We all know that T6 ships would be 100% C-Store.
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01-19-2013, 10:26 AM
I don't think upgradability is possible. Look at how they did the fleet ships. You had to buy them using Fleet Credits and Fleet Ship Modules. We couldn't do some task on the Starbase to have them upgraded to Fleet Status. I believe it is how the ships are modeled. All the bridge officer slots, console slots, and other stats like shield modifier and hull are permanent. So the devs can change the stats, but it would change the stats for every ship of that particular design. To have a completely identical ship with different stats, they need to design a completely new ship.

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