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Hello all.

Whilst I'm not generally a fan of big, lumbering ships I must say that I love the Tholian Recluse. I love using it and generally fly it once every couple of days. (For someone with 10 toons, most having 3 ships each, that's a big thing!)

I am disappointed with the Tholian Tetryon Grid (TTG), however. I always thought the damage wasn't that great but I thought it couldn't be that bad. Until I parsed it.

I did 5 runs of Cure Elite and fired the TTG as soon as its cooldown passed (and there was a valid target to fire upon). I then swapped it out for the Isometric Charge console and ran Cure Elite 5 times. After averaging out the damage, the isometric Charge console did over 4 times the amount of damage the TTG did. The run with the most damage for the TTG was under half the lowest damage for the Isometric Charge.

PWE, surely you can see that without running the TTG there's no real point in using the Tholian carrier pets. They're just not as good as the other pets, especially the Very Rare and Ultra Rare Romulan Scorpions. Please fix this console. Make it worthwhile to use Tholian carrier pets with the Tholian carrier!!

Thank you.

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