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Welcome to Task Force 1

We are a fresh new Federation Fleet looking for new members both new to the game and vets. We have currently over 450 members in the fleet and more are joining everyday. All of our holding are on tier 1 and we are heading for tier 2 very soon. We are a diverse fleet for helping players advance through the game and are a very friendly crew. Whether it's hardcore gaming, PVE, PVP, RP or just causal it doesn't matter. There is no pressure on any member for any particular thing so it is up to you how much you want to be involved, and you can donate as much or as little as you want to fleet projects.

That being said, there are some higher positions to be filled so if you are interested in leadership then high level promotions will be based on helping the Fleet. Such as donating to Fleet projects, helping low level players or recruitment for example. But in any case it's totally your choice.

To become a member of Task Force 1 please post in this thread with your character name i.e. (character@handle) or apply directly in game by sending a message to Winters@winters83 or you can register on our website by clicking on this link Starfleet Task Force 1 The response in game has been amazing so thank you all who have joined so far.

So, hope to see you all in the game.

Fleet Admiral Winters

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