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I'm not one to do recruiting, but hey, I will take the chance at introducing my fleet and if it happens to pique a few interests, then so be it.

So, introductions. I'm Riley Wolf (Hrenti R'Mssiarr in game), Commanding Officer of Taskforce Bloodmoon, formerly the Star Furderation. As you can probably guess from the 'punny' name, we are affliated with the Furry/Anthropomorphic Community. But, this does not restrict our membership. We welcome all, so long as everyone can remain open-minded and courteous.

I started this fleet after I got fed up with other fleets/guilds during my times in several groups across several games. They tend to go one of two ways, both of which I despise: elitist or too carefree.

So, with that, I created this fleet to not only give furries a good fleet to call home, but to help others from the craziness I went through. Although I cannot vouch for others, my personal goal is to do what every good leader should. I aim to help and lead players, both new and old, in a way that enhances their gameplay and experiences, while allowing a broad social community for open-minded captains to explore and enjoy. I want to teach and learn and progress as a unit. In essence, I want to create a sort of family.

Now, I will not lie. There is drama. But, the day I find a drama-free place will be the day that war no longer exists and people don't die. I simply try to keep drama levels down. I have an open door policy and have experience in handling issues. And if I can't, I have others who can.

Currently, we are a rather small fleet. But we are hard-working and we have a good foundation in leadership. We have also grown significantly compared to our early stages. And on the topic of leadership, we have several officers trained by military organizations. I make sure that their perspective is considered and the fleet is run semi-militaristically, but without excessive or unwarranted use of the iron fist.

We have a sort of roleplay base. The entire fleet is not into the RP deal, but a good number are. And these go from simply roleplaying during STFs and normal missions, to creating Foundry missions to recreate events.

Honestly, I try to keep the fleet as open as I can so I can provide something enjoyable to everyone. Not everyone finds the same thing enjoyable, but if I can have enough things incorporated into the fleet so that everyone can find their enjoyment, then I will.

If this has piqued your interest and/or you have questions, feel free to respond here or shoot me a mail in-game @RileyWolff

You can also find us, and a nice little application at

Peace and long life to you all.


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