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# 1 Kar'Fi Battle Carrier
01-14-2013, 05:53 PM
hi all is the Kar'Fi Battle Carrier good? i've not seen it used many times and few times i did there was alot of explosions then the carrier respawning i'm rather hoping bad set ups and that its not that easy to kill but i have a ship on my fed which has same console slots 4 science 2 engineering 3 tact and isnt too health long in battle its hull vanishes in seconds my question is. is it like that or much better ? and how do the frigates work out any good? i have been looking at it awhile but not too sure
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# 2
01-14-2013, 07:28 PM
Is the Kar'Fi any good? In the right hands, yes, but it depends on exactly what you want to get done

Want to use it for PvP? You might be at a disadvantage: because as a C-Store ship, it only has 9 consoles, while the ultra-top-tier Fleet ships have 10 console slots, along with an extra boost to shields/hull. That doesn't mean you can't use it, but you gotta be prepared.

For PvE (whether regular episodes, STF's, or other events), it can get the job done much like the rest of the T5 ships, with most builds effective.

As for the Frigates, they're not exactly raw DPS-ers, but they do have a lot of unique effects that you can exploit Multiple Aceton Beams really cut down enemy beam damage (includes cannons), and they regularly use chroniton and transphasic torpedoes... meaning there's gonna be a fair amount of slow and disable effects. Their abilities include Cannon:Rapid Fire II and Torpedo:High Yield II, with the latter increasing the effectiveness of the frigate's torpedoes.

And in transphasic's case, gives them the ability to open a rift on their target XD Causes heavy damage and disable, but has a bit of a high recharge timer. This can be moved around by respawning a new batch, with the timer's fresh on the new ones
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# 3
01-15-2013, 01:25 AM
i used to fly one with my KDF engi...i finally switched now to the breen ship, and i don't regret it. I took the kar'fi, because it seemed to be an excellent choice 1.5 years ago (it got severely buffed at that time) and i enjoyed it, but i kind of feel that it can't keep up now with newer ships.
i agree with trek21, nothing to add.
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# 4
01-15-2013, 02:33 AM
The karfi is great for stfs good fun can hit as hard as most other ships(excluding escorts and bugs)

However pvp you have to go beams to even keep up but let's face it If you want a beam boat you might as well use a U.S.S they have better shields and people won't expect as much of you

I also agree with the first post pre fleet ships she was a beast even in pvp but now she sort of just sits in the docks real shame as it is great fun to fly
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# 5
01-15-2013, 06:17 AM
The Kar'fi is still a beast, don't let anybody tell you differently. She can be tough to keep alive if you don't understand her. I first put a Sci in her, but had trouble keeping her alive, then rolled an Eng, and when I found myself touching Miracle Worker less and less I put a Tac in, which is what she truly deserves.

She won't soak damage, despite the 1.2 shield mod and slots for a high number of field generators, unless you devote a portion of your sci slots to make her thick, which misses the point.

You can run a b.s. drain build in PvP if you want, but it's the no-skill option. Victory at the price of your self-respect if you want it.

The true beauty is her ability to ground and pound. Lock them down with blue and spike them with red. An old build I used to run is viable again, with TB3 (shield drain doff), CPB3, HYTx, BOx. The levels of HYT and BO are up to you.

The frigates are the best debuffers in the game. Aceton Beam is a crap ability for a player to slot, but magnificent as a pet ability. They also bring chrono procs and tric mines, which is a little over the top. They pop Aceton Beam as soon as they spawn, so even though both still have 50% hull you might launch one just to re-apply it.

Then there's the toy console, the Phase Shift. It makes you untargetable while disabling your projectile weapons. Is there anything better for a Tac letting their hull drop for a GDF bonus? I have to admit that I use it less with the rep and temporal for +crit chance though.

In STFs, there's nothing better. Power drain, DHCs, a LTC dispersal pattern, CSV1/CRF1 BO1 HYT1 APB1, Grav Well, Phase Shift,what more do you want?

Tac Captain, CC and Spike. Few ships do it better on their own.
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# 6
01-15-2013, 06:44 AM
Yes the karfi is great. I use it with a sci and an eng captain.

I use mine for elite stfs and casual pvping. I try to maximize energy weapon abilities.

3xRom Dual Beam Banks+1xExperimental Rom Beam Array
2xRom Turret+1xKinetic Cutting Beam
2x Advanced Frigs

Omega Engine+Deflector
Adapted KHG Shield

Eng Consoles: Neutronium+TCC
Sci Consoles: Borg+Rom+Plasmiodic Leech+Rom -Threat (Flow Cap)
Tac Consoles: 3xPlasma Damage

Doffs: 2xTacTeam Conn,1xTractor Beam,2xSDO

Tac: TacTeam,APB
Sci: Tractor Beam, TSS2, HE3, Grav Well 3
Sci: Tractor Beam
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# 7
01-15-2013, 07:19 AM
i thank you all for your replys. since i am a science officer i think i'll wait for hopefully a fleet version with an extra hull console to allow for more staying alive as i've used a few 2 console hull ships as a science officer to know it can survive but not to a great extent hulls simply fall apart for me while shields are at full (which on a personal note is a fantastic way to go down hit after hit shields coming down popping back up full power to shields of course and hull slowly dying away from the bleed through it was a good day to die ) if no fleet version in a month or 2 i'll take the c store one and give it a good ride it looks seriously awesome to fly i seen one today in a stf the frigates while shooting and flying past a target at such speed really looks like something fun to enjoy using
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# 8
01-16-2013, 07:35 AM
If you have any thought to PvP with a sci in a Kar'fi I'd recommend the jump console for timely application of sub-nuc.

And I'm not trying to say "roll a tac" by any means, but I've put all 3 careers in a Kar'fi and it was enlightening. If you're waiting to get one anyway you could roll up a tac and only pull it out during Mirror Events. A good hour can level you an entire rank, with a slow queue at least getting you 5-8 grades.
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# 9
01-21-2013, 06:57 PM
My Sci has a Peghqu' (the 1000-day ship) and a Kar'fi and whilst the Peghqu' is nice, I always find myself coming back to that strange, quirky carrier - quite simply, it's the single most unique and fun ship in the game.

Yes, it's a little squishy for a Sci but that just means you need to learn how to fly it and what to watch out for - I've flown it in Elite STFs and also in PvP - mine is loaded with Romulan Plasma DHCs and Turrets and it's just stupidly fun to play.

And everyone I've PvP'ed has hated it because - well, it's a monster - DHCs, suicidal S'kul fighters, TB3, GW3, SubNuc and that Phase Shift to get it out of trouble - I wouldn't even begin to know how to fight it if I was facing one
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# 10
01-21-2013, 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by loverofwars View Post
if no fleet version in a month or 2 i'll take the c store one and give it a good ride it looks seriously awesome to fly i seen one today in a stf the frigates while shooting and flying past a target at such speed really looks like something fun to enjoy using
You'll likely need to own the C-Store version to be able to pick up the Fer'jai frigates and S'Kul fighters, and Fleet ships don't come with the special console. So, it'd be handy to have the C-Store version as well, and it should get you the fleet module discount like the B'Rel and Varanus.

With all the new stuff out, it should be possible to get more tank out of it. With the Adapted KHG Resilient Shields it should be a lot better off with it's high escort-class hull than the older KHG Covariant Shields. Plop in a -Threat console with hull repair proc and you'd get less aggro yourself in PvE, and a hull-heal proc for when you do.

I haven't brought out my Kar'fi in a while, but I've been thinking mounting the new S7 stuff to it on my second KDF (Tac). Unfortunately, that character has barely touched the Rep system (leveling other chars through it, but almost done) and my main KDF has the expensive Advanced hangars and they're character bound.

The only issue I really had is that it's a bit slow to use DHCs in PvE outside of STFs, and I rather like DHCs. If you have the Lobi for a Tachokinetic Converter, one of those plopped into a Sci spot might bring it up enough to be fun, without having to use one of only two Engineering spots for RCS consoles.

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