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# 1 Bortasqu Bridge
07-08-2014, 03:55 PM
This has been posted about a few times over the years apparently, but just wondering, is anyone ever going to fix the positioning of the Bortasqu bridge? The view from the windows show's the bridge where it's located on the Bortas model. However, in the C-Store variants that mission pod has been replaced with the Ho'Sus BoP, as such there is no bridge there. The viewpoint needs to be brought forward to where I believe the bridge is supposed to be, right above the hammerhead of the Bortasqu. Here are some old links on the topic.

Also, on the topic of the Bortasqu, who decided to install living quarters or whatever on the warp nacelles? I know it's a klingon ship, and they aren't overly concerned with safety, but who lives on the warp nacelles of a flagship?
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# 2
07-08-2014, 11:43 PM
The whole ship interior topic is pretty much a deadbeat horse by now. Quite a while ago cryptic stated that designing (or redesigning in this case) interiors is pretty much the equivalent of losing money.
Seems like quite the problem in the case of the Bortasqu with it's non existing bridge and odd quarter location ( I wouldn't take a single step in them ) but since it's a klingon ship the chance that it's getting a rework is even lower than on other factions ships (which is already pretty much zero anyways).
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