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  • Updated the audio for Breaking the Planet.
  • Replaced the missing ambient audio in Starfleet Academy's interior.
  • Updates to "The New Link" mission:
    • The changeling boss, Laas, now uses the updated changeling combat sequence.
    • When you defeat Laas, you must capture him and place him in a container to complete the mission.
      • This is noted with a new mini-contact.
    • Updated Lamat'ukan to use a minicontact when he is defeated, instead of a system message.
    • The New Link no longer places characters into combat mode just by stepping into it, but it does cause them to be slowed.
  • The 700-day android engineering bridge officer is now available as a synthetic female or male.
    • Also added science and tactical versions of the android Bridge Officers, both male and female.
    • The female versions of the androids have the same skills.
    • You may still only have one android per captain.
    • If you discharge an android officer, you may claim a replacement at no cost.
      • Go to the Bridge Officer Requisitions at Earth Spacedock/Qo'noS to claim an android officer.
  • Forest Epohh Duty Officer missions will now properly evolve epohhs from tier 2 to 3 and 3 to 4, moppet to adult and adult to mature.
  • Starbase Fleet Defense, 20-player:
    • Adjusted spawn positions for players with Tier 5 starbases so that they are less likely to spawn inside the starbase.
    • Adjusted the first enemy wave so that enemies should always spawn, even if the freighters are having trouble reaching the warp-out beacons.
  • Added a GPL turn-in entry for the "Holiday Gift Receipts" from the 2011 Winter Event.
  • Implemented a change to possibly address the game client failures reported on machines with Intel integrated drivers.
    • This may address crashes, black-screen hangs, "Display driver has stopped responding and has been reset" system messages, and blue screens.
    • This change will also assist with gathering information about the failures should they persist.
  • The KDF replay version of Assimilation will no longer grant the Borg set piece.


  • This update requires all Foundry projects to be republished.
    • While the automated republish process is underway, the editor will be unavailable.
    • We will restore editor access as soon as possible.
  • Added new interior detail objects:
    • Wall Intercom - TOS
    • Tapestry - Night Scene
    • Console - TOS Table 01
    • Vase - TOS 01
    • Vase - TOS 02
    • Statue - TOS 01
    • Decor - TOS Jeep
    • Generator - TOS 01
    • Consoles - Federation TOS Ship 01
  • Added new NPC Groups:
    • Species M-113 - ground
    • Tholian EV Suit - ground
    • Tholian - space


  • Fleets! Basic fleet support is in.
    • This is in a beta state, and not all features have complete functionality.
  • Headshots look much better and now support inventory items that change costumes.
  • Live data updates for ships, Bridge Officers, and captain, e.g. inventory items.
  • Updated logging in:
    • Refreshing a page will no longer require a login.
    • Returning to Gateway after leaving it doesn't require a login unless you've been away for 30 minutes.
    • If you Log Out on the main page, you will need to log in again.
  • Added sounds on mouseover and click.
  • When an item has no cost it does not display the credit icon.
  • Added the option to hide your character in Gateway.
    • The button can be found in the in-game Social Window Search tab by clicking on the Privacy button.


  • The Vesta and its variants now properly display set piece shield FX correctly on all ship parts.
  • Updated the following ships so their textures display correctly:
    • Steamrunner
    • Aeon
    • Wells
    • Mobius


  • The full description for the Starbase T5 Engineering Unlock should now display in the UI.
  • The Assimilated Tractor Beam, from the Borg Space Set - 3pc Bonus, has had its cooldown reduced from 4 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • Updated the Adaptive Shielding proc on Elite Fleet Space Shields.
    • This now has a stack limit of 10, but offers much less resistance per stack.
    • Updated the tooltip with better information on the functionality of the proc.
  • All Subsystem Targeting Bridge Officer powers now have thorough Tooltips explaining their exact effects when activated, complete with stat representations that scale with the appropriate modifers.
  • The Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher no longer triggers the cooldown reduction procs of Projectile Weapons Duty Officers.
  • Removed reference to the Breen Warship reward pack being tradeable.
    • This is a text change only.
  • There is now a wider range of debuffs classified as "Mental" which can be cleansed using Melorazine.
    • This list includes most Undine psionic attacks, Lethean Rapture, Orion Seduce, and more.
  • Duty Officer Warp Theorists' Tachyon Beam turn-rate debuff now lasts the full intended duration.
    • The magnitude of the associated debuff can now be reduced with the appropriate resistances.
  • Omega Reputation Updates:
    • Updated the names of both Adapted Mk XII Ground Weapons to reflect the correct damage types.
    • Corrected energy types on Adapted Mk XII MACO and KHG weaponry to match up with their visual FX.
    • The Klingon Honor Guard Armors Mk XI and Mk XII now have the correct item icons.
  • Romulan Reputation Updates:
    • Fixed description error where Duty Officer requirements were being listed as "Uncommon" or "Rare" but actually accepting "Common."
      • All descriptions now properly refer to "Common" Duty Officers.
    • Fixed a description error in Romulan Tier I, III and V unlocks that referred to the incorrect quality for the associated Scorpion Fighter unlocks.
    • Requirements scaling for Duty Officers on all Scorpion Fighter projects were backwards across the ranks.
      • This change will reduce the number of Duty Officers required at Tier 1, while increasing the requirements at Tier 5.
        • Tier 3 is unchanged.
    • Several requirements for Distress Calls and Reinforcements consumables were also improperly scaled, and have been adjusted accordingly.
      • This will result in several increases and decreases in requirements across all tiers.
    • Tier 4 Romulan Distress Call, Mogai Escort, now properly accepts Common/White duty officers, instead of Uncommon/Green, to match the descriptive text.
    • Corrected a typo in the number of Duty Officers required for the Tier 1 Romulan Security consumable.
      • It now properly requires 1 Doff instead of 51.
    • The Tier 5 Distress Call now accepts White quality Duty Officers, as the description states, instead of Blues.
  • All "Nanoenergy Cell" devices have been modified:
    • Chance to proc increased from 5% to 10%.
    • Kinetic damage associated with "Kinetic Capacitor" now has 100% shield penetration, and has been increased by 80%.
    • Toxic damage associated with "Anti-Coagulant" has been increased by 100%, but now ticks half as quickly.
  • The description of the Atrox Carrier has been slightly updated to conform to the formatting guidelines of other ships.
    • This is a text change only.
  • Corrected a typo in the Vesta's Quantum Slip Stream power's display name.
  • Relativity Stasis Pistol and Relativity Self-Targeting Rifle have each had their DPS increased, as well as both gaining a [CrtH] and [CrtD] mod.
  • The Auto-Targeting Beam secondary fire on the Relativity Self-Targeting Rifle updated:
    • Narrowed the firing arc from 135-degrees to 90-degrees.
    • Reduced the cooldown from 16 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • The cooldown on Relativity Stasis Pistol's secondary fire has been increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Tricobalt Mines updated:
    • The damage dealt by Tricobalt Mine Explosions have been reduced by 10% across-the-board.
    • The damage variance of Tricobalt Mine Explosions has been reduced from 20% to 5%.
      • This will lead to more predictable damage - fewer highs, fewer lows.
    • The stealth value on Tricobalt Mines has been reduced by approximately 25%.
      • This should allow them to be seen from about 1k further than previous.
  • The Tachyon Mine Launcher no longer shares a cooldown with Tachyon Beam.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing the Omega Reputation power "Medical Nanite Cloud" from properly curing players who were completely assimilated.
  • Significantly increased the damage of the Kinetic Cutting Beam, but drastically reduced the damage and crew damage of the combo with the Assimilated Tractor Beam.
  • Omega Graviton Amplifier will no longer damage the player if the player deploys mines.
    • It will now properly damage enemies that are hit by the mines.
  • All Set Powers now scale with the set's Mark instead of using the player's level.
    • This will result in a slight boost to Mk XI Set Powers, and a larger boost to Mk XII Set Powers.
    • This change does not affect sets that are made up of items that do not have a level, such as the Aegis Space Set.
  • Plasma Hyperflux now has a real description. - The actual power has not changed and is still "fantastic stuff that is awesome and rad."
  • Antiproton Carrier Wave consumables no longer stack.
    • Applying one will clear all existing Weapon Augmentation buffs currently active.
    • Antiproton Carrier Wave now only deals its damage on the first application tick of your weapon firing.
      • Damage has been increased to compensate for this limitation.
    • Antiproton Carrier Wave buffs no longer expire after 10 shots, but last their full listed duration.
  • Fuse Armor can now be properly cleansed by debuff cures such as Quick Fix.
  • Updated description of all Duty Officer Active Roster powers:
    • Removed "Ground" or "Space" indicators from Specializations
    • All active roster powers now indicate "Ground" or "Space" at the beginning of their short descriptions, instead.
    • Powers that are not region-restricted do not indicate a region.
      • They work everywhere.
  • Race-specific Bridge Officer traits should now work as intended.
    • This includes the following:
      • Subterfuge
      • Covert Operative
      • Leadership


  • Items linked in chat now correctly display their color when first displayed, instead of requiring mouseover.
  • Removed the non-functional "Add Slot" button from the Away Team chooser window.
  • The holdings tab of the Fleet window will now display the fleet name and fleet level above the list of holdings.
  • The Reward, Challenge, and Players filters in the PvE windows now start with all the options checked.
  • Resolved issue that caused the View holding button on the fleet overview screen to go to the wrong screen.
  • Updated the Chat Channel Admin window to resolve an issue where large channels were occasionally unable to make admin changes.
    • This includes the issue with muting and un-muting players.
  • Removed the nonfunctional radio buttons from the login screen.

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