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# 1 New Lockbox Ships - worth it?
01-24-2013, 06:08 AM
I know some people that will shout at me for this but I'll do it anyway
I have a packed Wells that I'm not willing to use. So I'll trade it for another lockbox escort, that leads me to
a: Mobius
b: the new Dominion Escort Carrier
however, as I started Learning the fine art of PvP, I'd like a good ship that works that way.
The mobius is nice but its console is almost useless. For the new lockbox escort, I really don't know what to say about
The biggest problem there is the bad turnrate (was that 12?) although I don't have problems pointing my DHC on my Vesta on a target... then the boff layout: I think it can be nice (at least in PvE but as I said I need a lockbox escort for PvP use - so I need an answer so I'll decide to trade it/sell it and grind dilithium for a Defiant/get another ship and grind dilithium and EC for master Keys so even if I won't get the HEC I'll have a chance for the new doffs and lobi for the jem'hadar set upgrade)
it has got a Comm tactical then a ltc engi and lt eng plus an lt uni (where I plan to put another tac but I really don't know if in PvP it could be of any use) then an ens sci.
heh... I don't have a single idea if they can be good or not I really would like to know any suggestion/opinion you can give me

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