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I have been using Nvidia for a long time with Graphics cards. I just got a new board that has a Radeon 7660d built in video card. Can I get a technical description of the differences and a layman description of the cards. From what I am reading and seeing Radeon to date still requires a third party software to enable 3D. I have been in Star Trek Online tonight trying to see 3D off Radeon but to moment no luck. PLEASE HELP OUT!
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01-23-2013, 10:44 PM
There is no reason to have an APU if your using a high end graphics configuration. AMD's current APUs are nothing but over priced and slower processors if you don't use the included GPU. Currently they're great for low power consumption and more budget oriented low end builds, but the APUs aren't for the high end.

You can pair the GPU that is built into the APU with a equivalent performing card but the crossfire performance between them is really bugged and you actually loose performance in some titles. Still won't compare to a decent dedicated card anyways.

Basically APU = a great budget platform
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I don't think sto has a 3D capability for viewing, i may be wrong. Anyways if the integrated card runs the game well enough, than to me no real need for a dedicated one unless you plan to play other games with a better needed card. Totally up to you if you want to shell out some money for a dedicated card.
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01-24-2013, 06:36 AM
From what I can tell there is no 7660D.

A Radeon 7670 (which would be similar - if there is a 7660D) has about 1/3 of the raw power of a GeForce 650.

Your card will most likely work just normally - given a driver and DirectX - altho it might be significantly slower.
The reference to 3D acceleration or whatever that requires extra software probably refers to either video processing/decoding or 3DTV stuff.

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Originally Posted by lolimpicard View Post
From what I can tell there is no 7660D.
Simple Google search can find it. 7660D is a integrated graphics system for the AMD Trinity CPU. Here a performance review... http://www.anandtech.com/show/6332/a...eview-part-1/2

But being a integrated graphics system, it has nowhere near the performance for 3D video rendering, as this requires a external graphics card with considerable gaming performance...
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01-24-2013, 11:00 AM
I don't think sto has a 3D capability for viewing, i may be wrong. shadowwraith77
I have played Star Trek Online using Nvidia 3D it is a very pleasant experience. It brings a very different perspective to the game.
Lolimpicard From what I can tell there is no 7660D.
You most like didn?t find the card as it is an integrated graphics card in the gigabyte F2A85X-UP4. From what I can tell it most likely is a generic version of one of their main cards. Which grouchyotaku had already pointed out.
I have now come to understand that the 650 is a better card and Nvidia has also developed a excellent 3D system. Radeon from what I have been thru so far has the user buy a card then requires them to make another purchase from a different provider.
At this time I would just like to see it work as it is most likely that I will continue with Nvidia.

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