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# 1 Improvements in Last 6 months?
01-25-2013, 09:59 AM
My on again/off again relationship with this game has me currently coming back after a long break. So I have questions.

1. Have they improved the system of where to get DO quests? I began to lose interest when it required you to run to every possible place on your ship, talking to multiple npcs, just to get missions.

2. Recruiting new officers: Are there any new ways? When I left, there was just a few recruitment quests on the academy/occasional asylum.

3. Bank access: Which banks can be used for DO missions? Personal/Account/Fleet. I'm guessing not the last one... Imagine the headaches.

My basic annoyance/problem with the system was they required you to go to all different locations, ship, specific systems, academy, etc.. rather than having the available missions in each sector. I find myself only doing the ones that show up in the sector, and not actively seeking any out.
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01-25-2013, 10:20 AM
Depends on what missions you're looking for...

1. "Primary" missions are still generated by sector. No evading the galaxy-searches to get certain missions...

2. "Personal" missions are set per hour, and available on their tab.

3. "Department Head" missions don't necessarily need a visit to the ship's interior, they are accessable via the department head screen on the master DOff window. The only reason you should need to run to the actual DOff on your interior is because of their "specialty" missions (Hamlet at OPS, building prototypes with your engineer or science lab guy, etc.). On this note, certain bridges (only available with specialty ships though) "consolidate" them - my Tuffli freighter has all DH DOffs on one floor, and the Tholian bridge definitely has all the DHs on one console. I think the Oddessy bridge, and the new JH bridge, also share this "one console = all stations" attribute.

Recruitment really hasn't changed all that much, the primary recruiters are still at the academy, heck, they added a 1000 dilithium cost to the general recruitment package. The "racial" recruiters are still free though, and they've added more DOff stores in the player starbases, you just need a fleet "big enough" to have gotten the proper tiers and starbase level. There are also the "asylums" and "Officer exchanges" as ways to at least "trade" unwanted DOffs in for different random ones, just be somewhat careful of what you're trading...

Finally, last I knew, only the "personal" bank is drawn from when looking for stockpile requests - the account bank is more a fancy way to avoid mailing things from toon to toon, and fleet bank - seems you're already aware of the issues there.
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01-25-2013, 10:22 AM
1. Yes, you can get doff missions from a console inside your ship now, and there is now a freighter with a transwarp drive with destinations at all friendly-territory star clusters. The new Starbase also includes a transwarp hub with destinations at all friendly-territory sectors. Travel time is well-balanced now.

2. Quite the reverse. General recruitment now costs Dil (way too much to be economical), as does trading in lower-quality doffs for higher-quality doffs. The main sources of doffs now are officer exchange missions and the EC Exchange.

Officer exchange missions offer a new, random officer in exchange for an old one, on a CD of about a day for each of the three exchange missions (Bajoran, Cardassian and Parada/Dosi), and provide a reasonably economical chance at exchanging a green or blue for a doff of usually higher quality.

Frequent P2W lockbox hijinks have flooded the Exchange with an abundance of cheap, high-quality but mostly homogenous doffs.

3. Personal only. Account should be usable but isn't; this is a major headache.

Really the doff system has stagnated since Heretic left. I still log in most days and queue up a full portfolio of missions while doing Diplomatic Investigations / Explore Strange New Worlds then log off, which takes less than 30m, but the problem is the system really lacks depth.

The Hamlet mission was good, and there should be more "epic" doff missions like it.

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01-25-2013, 10:31 AM
the Tholian bridge definitely has all the DHs on one console. I think the Oddessy bridge, and the new JH bridge, also share this "one console = all stations" attribute.
D'Kora and Galor are like this too.

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