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# 1 Combat System Overhaul.
01-25-2013, 04:22 PM
This is an Idea thread, spit your Idea out, the Ideas below aside from the ones with the () are all from chat in game just copied and pasted. put your Idea in the thread please, I had an idea but it was way too logical to be put into STO.

Now I know this will catch a tremendous ammount of flack for just mentioning overhaul in STO, But the ugly fact of this simplistic matter is simple: the combat system in STO is too MMO cookie cutter, phasers, torpedoes and pretty much everything else are too godlike, unlimited ammo, no damage in true effect (excluding the minor component wounds for lack of true damage) meaning weapons can be blasting and yet even with shields set to low they can fend off multiple attacks with a Boff power. and weapons, torpedoes are limitless their damage is minimal since no system or power rerouting is necessary just clumped as damage.

why not put all the boffs, tricks, and powers into a new system, re-wright combat in a way, make every beam count towards damage and power consumption, make every hit to the shields count with power and backup emitters.

make every torpedo count with selective targeting, have every cruiser fitted with the necessary engineering components, have every science vessel equipped with extremely advanced sensors, every escort ship armed with an array of weapons.

all the while making a sort of hard-point system for every ship and for combat, make selective targeting useful.

(keep in mind most of this is copy paste, the above is more stating, turn it into a panel system where each weapon has its own settings you put them on, with risk or tactical whit. and where each sheild has its own modulation you can set, each engine given its own setting system where power can be used to its fullest extent, even adjusting backup systems IE take half of life support and put it into weapons or whatever is needed. and such, tweak each torpedo to either have more manverability at the cost of burst fire, or more speed at the cost of damage etc. it would also blend the powers systems into combat without the need to apply it but instead have it count towards a system buff.)

or and this one seems to be the most popular idea.

Make every ship perform a function, and while every beam count in damage adjustment, every torpedo with a limit, shields in need of adjustment for abilities, or attacks.

Every cruiser performing a vital role with repairs and or distraction.

Every science cruiser healing shields and de-buffs or exploiting the enemies systems.

Every escort hitting hard and fast or running protection.

Every carrier providing multi-role support or cover with its advanced fleet.

(again copy paste, these ideas are all from the chat in game I just put this here.)

(the above is more or less sudgesting we make each ship battle have specific roles, and you get to choose one of two ways, or both. it sounds like the WoW setup I know, but it seems more plausable seeing as the other one is way more complicated even though it would refresh the combat system thereby greatly changing how ship combat plays out.)
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# 2
01-25-2013, 09:07 PM
really no one wanted to say something about the space combat?

Personally my idea is to just enhance the roles of each ship.

Cruisers being tough and hard to kill slow and power brimed ships, having more power than all ships, giving it a far more flexible role in combat, with more weapon power or structural integrity.

Science Ships being nimble but with impecable shields and supreme sensor tech for buffing and De buffing, very very weak hull.

Escorts much much higher weapon capacitor and more engine thrust.

my only real addition to the system is simple. dynamic control of weapons, direct aim and control of weapons, meaning you point and shoot, the projectiles do not automatically hit your target, it's all up to you, even torpedo's where you gotta keep following the target.

you can hold space and it keeps fireing, however the power overload will stop and shut down weapons for a cooldown. so controlled bursts are crucial. beam weapons for cruisers are all far more damaging to both the recipient and the deliverer.

to get over the multiple weapons bit, each weapon that is added to the system it adds to the capacitor so you can have longer bursts of weapon fire.


Forgot to mention the carrier gameplay, they should have supremely powerful forward weapons, with the same dynamic of weapon play as above, but with carrier type specific weapons (Phaser, Polaron, Tetryon,Disruptor etc) heavy weapons, imagine carriers being able to use 6 spinal lances with a 3min cooldown, and powerful shields, but no rear or interchangeable weapons. so just the spinal lances that have the same arc as the ones we got now but with huge weapon drain as well hell even with the same accuracy...worried about op? well dont, I personally know 1 out of 4 spinal lance shots actually hit...and dont do that much damage once that tiny miniscuel scrap of shield power gets shoved in.

also make the fighters and other such ships worth far more than they are now, something that forces the carriers to the back of the line something that makes it vital to a battle where its small fleet of craft are damn usefull, and not just an overbloated cruiser which can launch weak almost insignificant pets.

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# 3
01-26-2013, 09:16 AM
to do what your asking, they would basically have to rewrite the entire game. since your asking for more systems to make weapons/shields turn into 'consumables' in the fact that you only have a limited amount of power to do it.
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# 4
01-26-2013, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
to do what your asking, they would basically have to rewrite the entire game. since your asking for more systems to make weapons/shields turn into 'consumables' in the fact that you only have a limited amount of power to do it.
weapons and shields into consumeables? what statment gave you that impression?

my idea is to just give them their own stat system like our specs for chars, choose what the emitters on each ship can take and what they have to give, but instead of specs call it power routing, same for weapons.

as for the first post, none of that is mine, all chat copy pastes.
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# 5
01-26-2013, 09:48 AM
it would still require massive amounts of code to be altered to add what you want while removing the old stuff. not to mention the ui changes to add in all this stuff as well.

what your proposing isnt an overhaul, its a rework from the ground up. the ground combat change was an overhaul, what your suggesting is basically building a new ship and renaming it the same as the old one.
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# 6
01-26-2013, 10:12 AM
Honestly I don't think the space combat needs a huge amount of work. It's the better half of the game.

The ground combat on the other hand is depressingly bad. When you can get instagibbed in half a second there's no time for strategery. This would be okay if it were an FPS or cover-based TPS where cursor accuracy matters but it's not. Everything is power-based in an MMO and "missing/dodging" is calculated by a random number generator and skillpoints/gear. As it stands, for the most part you just try to mash as many abilities at once as you can for an alpha strike.

The biggest problem with the combat in this game as I see it is that the way they make end-game enemies "hard" is by giving them a metric buttload of health instead of making them actually difficult with smart ability usage.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
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# 7
01-26-2013, 10:56 AM
still a small change would be great especially in the carrier department.
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# 8
01-26-2013, 11:00 AM
Yeah, I think ground interactions need the most work of the two. If we're talking strictly combat, is there any way for Cryptic to rework the system so that they may retrofit a new system with old enemies/missions?

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