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01-27-2013, 06:43 PM
Just my 2cents.

Tac Com - TT, CRF1, THY3, APB3
Tac Lt. Com - TT, CRF1, APB2
Eng Lt - EPtS1, RSP
Sci Lt - PH, HE2
Eng Ens - EPtS1

I've had much better results with this setup than having THY3 on Tac Lt. Com slot. Besides you'll be helping cruisers and sci captains with 2xAPB. I also switch BOFFs depending on the situation. My 2nd setup replaces CRF1 with CSV1 and THY3 with TS3.
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01-28-2013, 07:24 AM
I think your original design was very good but a few minor tweaks would get a bit more out of it. This is how I would modify your set up

Tac Com - TT1,TS2,CSV2,APO
Tac Lt. Com - TT1,TS2,CSV2
Eng Lt - EPtS1, RSP
Sci Lt - HE1, TSS2
Eng Ens - EPtS1

Infact that's more or less how I have mine set up but I go for APB1 instead of TS2. You generally find AoE damage is better for elite STF than single target damage.

As for your weapons, I find you'll shred shields very fast with 3 dual heavy cannons and the kinetic cutting beam does more damage to hull than your turrets will so having it in the back is good. You could get the omega torp (instead of fleet torp) for the 2 piece set and ditch the borg console, then you have more console slots for either a second field generator, RCS, tachyokintic converter etc. I did notice a boost to damage while under the effects of the 2 piece omega set so I would recommend having it whichever way you go about it..

Duty officers aren't my strong point but you seem like you know what you're doing with the general set up you first posted. I hope we cross paths in Elite STF, we need more players that have good damage doing them.

Oh and PvP...well that's a whole different kettle of fish. Best to have entirely different boffs for that and ask a seasoned PvPer but from what I gather you just need a good amount of burst damage (so say CRF3) and APO1 x2, engine batteries and an RCS will help too.

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