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# 1 Radical Proposal
01-26-2013, 03:41 PM
*I am not the first to suggest this. I do not recall who did in the past and this is a bit of a crazy idea but please read it all before drawing a conclusion*

The design and balance of this game has come to rely upon a grossly overpowered, and yet necessary, ability. That ability is none other than Tactical Team 1. No one can deny the shield distribution effect of this ability is the most powerful aid in survival. Nor can one deny that it is necessary for it to be this powerful lest the entire game balance and design collapses.

While it would be great if the entire game was rebalanced to change this, that is an unrealistic goal at this point. Instead I propose that each and every team ability gains the shield distribution effect.

But bareel you noob-lord then no one will use Tactical Team you say? Ha I say. Do you have any idea just how annoying (and deadly) the borg ship assimilation ability can be when you don't have tactical team? I do. And yes perhaps the skill bonus should be increased or an additional effect added but that is not my current concern as that is a detail and I'm looking at big picture here.

Effects on PvP
I know most will say everyone will just run Sci Team then and completely kill off all remaining effectiveness of Sci. That will last for about as long as people take to realize that Attack Pattern Beta + DEM is a vicious combo in the current meta. Or until players begin launching Boarding Parties every 30 seconds point blank shutting down a target completely. In the end it should have the effect of making some formerly worthless in PvP abilities more viable while lessening the power of some currently extremely powerful abilities I would hope. It should also promote more team co-ordination.

Effects on PvE
This should be minimal.

Effects on Non Tac Heavy Ships
Some ships are forced to make a significant boff sacrifice in order to run the required Tactical Team or two. This would make them much more versatile and viable with their setups.

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