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So last time I popped the question, I was about to get my first tier 2 ship. After considerign the fact that I want to try all of them, I ended up going with Science on Tier 2 and Heavy Cruiser on Tier 3. Was trying it on advanced until recently.

Simply put, I got steamrolled on Advanced difficulty in missions, when I am in the Heavy Cruiser, while in the Nova I am doing okay even though it seems like it takes a bit longer.

On my cruiser, I have 1x Phaser, 1x Cannon, and 1x torpedo at fore, and 2x phaser and 1x torpedo at back. Somehow I am not getting all the power I needed and got killed rapidly (eg during the last mission in the Klingon Episode, where I got killed quite fast by the D7 and

So now that I am at tier 4, I would like to know:
1) Do you think my playstyle is actually more of a cruiser, escort, or science?
2) I want to eventually get one of the carriers or the Multi-vector, since I really like the mechanism of pets (in fact in Champions Online I am more of a pet tank). Which class would prepare me well for that kind of gameplay?
3) If you can only pick one class for a team in a PvP game, which one would you pick? I know that endgame/STF escort is king, but is that the same in PvP?)

Thanks to everyone.
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Based on weapon layout, cruiser. New mirror escorts will be coming out so its not too late if you want an escort. If they are anything like the science vessel, they'll be dirt cheap soon.
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You will probably want to get the Mirror Advanced Escort (the one that looks like the normal Patrol esort) unless you want to PvP (PvP is by far the hardest part of the game missions on Elite Difficulty pale in comparision) it should be if prices are good about
200'000 energy credits but could go up to 500'000 or 1million but I doubt it, but for a ship that is a bargin, if you haven't bought a lvl 40 ship then get an Advanced Escort (exactly like a Mirror Advanced Escort I think just looks different)(they are tier 5 most people think they are tier 4 understandably, fleet ships are kinda like an enhanced tier 5).

Good bridge officer skill configuration is:
x2 Tactical Team 1
Canon Rapid Fire 1 and Canon Rapid Fire 3
Cannon Scatter Volley 1
x2 Attack Pattern Omega 1
x2 Hazard Emitters 1
Transfer Shield Strength 2
Emergency Power to Shields 1 and Emergency Power to Shields 2

Use the Emergency Power to Shields and tactical team as soon as they come out of cooldown (cd), they boost your strength like crazy, use 4xdual heavy cannons and 3xturrets, keep the same colour and use tactical consoles that boost energy damage of that colour (eg. phaser (orange), polaron (purple), antiproton (red)) colour basically dosen't affect your damage but green and red will give you something like a 1% or less advantage in PvE and in PvP Orange and Purple.

Weapon Mods: Acc and CrtH are best for PvP and CrtD and CrtH is best for PvE and Acc dosen't hurt in PvE, also always priorties PvP over PvE in builds if you want to do PvP.

Also right click on all weapons in the main user interface (where you click to fire them) until they all turn green, it will increase your damage to stop firing just click on a empty part of the screen or another target.

For science consoles use field generators (they are really expensive higher up but white mk xi ones will do the job nicely all other consoles try to get mk xi blue or green any higher than that and they get stupidly expensive and for hardly any gain).

For engineering consoles using x2 neutronium alloy and for science get a borg console and fill the other slots with field generators.

For shields get Reman Mk xi once you git lvl 50 from the mission that gives them (replay it), and use jem hadar engines (whatever mk it dosen't matter) and use a positron deflector

Best equipment against borg are adapted maco engines, maco shield and maco deflector which klingon side are adapted KHG shield and deflector and KHG engines but take a lot of time and dilithum and other random stuff to get.

Hazard emmiters are good for when plasma particles are around your ship (the green dust) and for healing hull and transfer shield strength is for when your shields start really taking a beating. Cannon Scatter Volley is really good agaisnt probes and spheres (borg) so use that against them (when there is more than one) otherwise use cannon rapid fire.

Closer the are to your enemy the more damage they will do to you and the more damage you will do to them (except for torpedos they are the same at all ranges) this dosen't increase your and there damage closer than 2km.

Oh yeah, attack pattern omega is good for extra damage and more speed turn and helps you take less damage, but it also gets you out of tractor beams, also the slower you move the more damage you will take.

Also any ships you pay a lot for are pretty much just as powerful as what I have said and you may want to get the omega torpedo when fighting borg but dual heavy cannons are nice.

I think that covers it all (or at least a lot)

Your Questions:
1. and 3. You haven't really given enough info: escorts are by far the best for nonpvp do the most damage and can tank not that much worse than the other classes when setup right, these are of course really good for PvP to, science is for debuffing: tractor beams (stops ships when they don't have attack pattern omega therefore making them take more damage and not letting them get into positon to damage you), viral matrix (disables there energy weapons engines and aux power (transfer shield strengh, hazard emitters etc) for a short time) then there is crusiers: healing and pressure damage (weaken, not destroy).

So all classes are useful in PvP basically, although a sucessful team only needs cruisers and escorts, science is optional but helpful. This game is about teamwork in PvP (and in PvE, just not as much)

2. Pets are not a major force in this game and are more suppliments, Multi Vector Advanced Escort pets don't do much damage but you can choose which one you are in and they have different bonuses/weaknesses for each one. Hangers are more for PvE content than PvP although they can still work in PvP. The best carriers are:
Federation: Vesta and Heavy Escort carrier
Klingon: Kar'Fi and Vo'quv (free but not as much damage but more science and a tad more engineering)

Also the Tholian Carrier and the two Jem'Hadar ships are good (healing for tholian and damage for jem hadar) but are crazy expensive something like 200 boxes to get one or 50-100million energy credits on the exchange for pretty much same performace but they do have cool gadjets/look cool/are rare/have awesome bridges etc.

For carriers working off the escort build, basically do the same but (this is for PvE not PvP):
Add gravity wells in the higher science slots
Rapid Fire 1 and 2 and attack pattern beta 1 (debuff enemy so pets will do more damage) or x2cannon scatter volley 1 and attack pattern omega 1

Don't ever use attack pattern beta in PvP unless you are using a shield disabling build its just not worth it imo.

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I basically want a jack of all trade class that will at the very least let me survive advanced PvE mission - as I mentioned, I got curb stomped on the Advanced Romulan Episode! I asked "PvP" only because if it's good in PvP it will be good in PvE.

As for pets, about how useless are they in STO? If they are somewhat useless, I will probably go with the Escort Carrier by the end game, but if they are okay, go with Odessey (1x escort) or the Promethus (2x module). I would expect the Catalian carrier is like a giant target...

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Originally Posted by jestersage View Post
I basically want a jack of all trade class that will at the very least let me survive advanced PvE mission - as I mentioned, I got curb stomped on the Advanced Romulan Episode! I asked "PvP" only because if it's good in PvP it will be good in PvE.

As for pets, about how useless are they in STO? If they are somewhat useless, I will probably go with the Escort Carrier by the end game, but if they are okay, go with Odessey (1x escort) or the Promethus (2x module). I would expect the Catalian carrier is like a giant target...
The pets of the Odyssey and the Prometheus, since you can't issue commands to them (they just do their own thing), are borderline suicidal and more gimmicks than true pets. Carrier pets on the other hand, since they can be somewhat controlled, can be nasty. Some pets are useless, and they all take a certain finesse to use correctly, but the right loadout in the right hands can be a one-player-fleet.

Honestly if you want to try out carriers, before spending any zen, build up a Klingon toon to 40, pick up a Vo'quv, and equip it with basic Birds-Of-Prey. Its a good yardstick by which other heavy carriers and pets can be measured, and will give you a feel if its something that will work for you or not.
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I think pvp science ships aren't as backwards compatible from pvp -> pve like other types of ships. I've always been amazed at the things good escort pilots can do in pvp and pve but I don't think I could pull it off myself. Carriers can be nice as a bit of jack of all trades, bit of science, danubes for tractors or peregrines/scorpions for torpedos while you debuff and hold. Could do a bit of heal support. I just don't think that the atrox is as fun as kdf carriers though

Speaking of vo'quv, there are also mirror vo'quv's available on the exchange from the latest lockbox kdf side. Just in case you had a kdf alt that already purchased their free ship you could check that option out to play with.

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What type of capt are you first Tac,eng. or Sci which will make it easier to answer?
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To reply to the last one, I am actually Engineer. However, some how escort + eng cap seems to be real fun (at the very least I am NOT being steamrolled in PvE episodes)

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