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So I finally got the Odyssey Pack containing the Odyssey Operations Cruiser, the Odyssey Science Cruiser and the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser.

I took the three Odyssey unique consoles and put them on the Tactical ship along with all the good stuff I had on my Vesta, except I couldn't fit heavy cannons which I had assumed I would be able to. (Yes I know assumptions often ends in disappointment.)

After taking it on a test run in Defera and a few other dailies, I ended up switching back to the Vesta.

Main reason for this was that I did not have any fun in the Odyssey, and even if I would have had it properly fitted I can't see myself doing a daily faster in the Odyssey than in the Vesta.

It was very slow moving/turning and the saucer separation that I thought would be cool kinda sucked. And without the hangar pets, killing small fast enemies was not so easy. The only thing with the Odyssey I found to be good was the Aquarius Escort that seemed to do pretty good dps, but this had a way too long cooldown.

Conclusion: I would not recommend getting the Odyssey Pack to someone that already has the Vesta.
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01-26-2013, 03:39 PM
Think anyone could have told you that if you were comparing the ships damage wise. lol
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01-26-2013, 03:42 PM
The thing you did was to get the Vesta before you had a chance to eprience the Oddy at it fullests.It still can out peform a Vesta as it has more hp and more consol slots especially on the ops.the Tac Oddy is great to use single cannons on.

You really need to give it sometime and get use to them.
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01-26-2013, 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by age03 View Post
The thing you did was to get the Vesta before you had a chance to eprience the Oddy at it fullests.It still can out peform a Vesta as it has more hp and more consol slots especially on the ops.the Tac Oddy is great to use single cannons on.

You really need to give it sometime and get use to them.
Yes I will give it another honest try later on when I can afford the right equipment.

On a side note: I thought it would be a pain switching back to the Vesta and setup all the dang action bars again, but it remembered my old setup. Kudos for that Cryptic.
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01-28-2013, 04:21 AM
Think the game remembers your ship setups, for the last two ships you used. Kinda annoying with the pwoer tray... anywho...

...won't say much about the Vetsa, since I dont own them yet, but the Tac Ody was my mainstay for a long time, before I got my mitts on a Fleet Excelsior. The Tac Ody setup right, has done the content, aside from No Win. (That one I use my Chel Grett for.) The only down side to having one, any large crew count ship owners are used to, as crew numbers at 2000+ take a few minutes to get fully back. Course a Saucer Sep gets the crew to 1000 and handles like an Excelsior, the worker bees are a good extra heal, and the Aquarius does a good bit of supplimental fire, while it lasts. (Which can be awhile, or a few seconds. All on luck and targeting at times.)

To be sure, the three piece set Ody consoles 'do' help make the ship go, with key boost, that in conjunction with, say, the MACO set, makes yah tank Donny for a good while, with the right cruiser boff power setup.

As for the Vesta, I think it was designed to be an Aux ship, while the Ody is your standard cruiser, that makes peeps go batty with the usual turn rates. (And 'don't' waste an eng slot with an RCS. Pure waste to moi there.)

I think either ship is good, seen the Vesta handled right, and does well in ESTFs, as much as the Ody I have piloted. A good setup, and either ship won't do you wrong, IMHO.
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01-28-2013, 04:30 AM
Moral of the story. Turn 6 = unfun, punishment for the player instead of joy from gaming. Something that was repeated for 3 years and...nothing changes.
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01-28-2013, 04:45 AM
you are comparing apples with oranges...the oddy is mainly a tank or support ship. The oddy pack is mainly to fulfill this role, not doing dailys. It is great for what it is intended to do. In any other game you don't take a tank or healer to do grind content.

also out of the 3 consoles, the shevron separation is the only real usefull...forget the other 2.

Anyway, there are setups to give the tac oddy a relative good punch. That however requires some serious cuts in survivability. At that point it becomes hard to tank tac cubes in stfs, and frankly playing it as a DPS cruiser is possible, but never to be compared with escorts.

i personally think the tac oddy is still the best possible combo of tanking/DD cruiser for feds, but damage on a cruiser can only go so far.
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01-28-2013, 05:27 AM
Funny, I switched back to my good old Odyssey and I loving her much more then the Vesta or any other ship I tried in the last few month.

I am also using a tactical Odyssey with a tactical captain (I don't care if you hate me now) and it can deal quite a lot of damage. What you have to keep in mind when using the Odyssey in a DPS role you have to handle it different compared to an escort.

First: Your ship is slower so plan ahead on your movement, you can't run around like an escort or a Vesta but there are situations were you can stay and fight were an escort would have to run away.

Second: You are the king of a furball fight, much more then any escort. Fire at Will with Attack Pattern Beta followed by a Torpedo Spread will immensely hurt your targets. Use your firing arcs to your advantage. I.E. in Khitomer Vortex you can stop probes and kill a cube at the same time.

Third: Manage your power levels and buffs carefully. There are situations when you have bitten off more then you can chew, keep your shield powers high in this moments and try to move away from the enemy group.

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