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OK, as of October 10th, the single target deflector ablitles (Energy Siphon for example) were put on a seperate cooldown timer then the AE deflector ablities (Tykon's Rift for example). The Breen Energy Siphon from the Breen space set, while not labled as a deflector ability, seems to be on *both* timers. I don't think this is intended, but with the Breen set not saying which timer it is suppose to be on /shrug.

Breen Energy Siphon, Energy Siphon 1 and Energy Siphon 2 (don't have 3 to check) don't seem to have very consistant math when it comes to the power loss/gains. I am not sure what the math is suppose to be, but I am guessing the changes that were to happen in april/may only got applied to the Energy Siphon 1 skill, not 2 (or 3?)

I put in a bug report in-game (#1,462,741), but I don't know what parts are broken and what parts are working as intended so a clarification would be nice as well.

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