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I left my dead fleet about a week ago in search of a new one, with a goal of having access to the higher tier ships, weapons, and some running mates for ESTF's.

Most of the fleets that I inquired about have "safeguards" against people hoping fleets for this type of stuff, which I completely understand.

I still plan on joining a fleet, but I wanted to get this out of the way. Waiting 2-4 weeks isn't something that I was expecting, and even then I could have to earn 6 figures in fleet contributions to get a tier 5 ship.

So, I was hoping someone could help me get this ship.

I have no problem exchanging something for the opportunity to get this ship.

I am a casual player, maybe 5-10 hours a week. So I am kind of limited on what I can contribute.

If anyone is interested you can send me a pm or reply to this thread.

Thanks in advance
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01-28-2013, 06:24 PM
I cant help you with the ship, but when you are interested in a fleet it sounds like you would be a good fit for Tribbles 'N' Bits, we are all pretty casual and the fleet base is becoming a chore to upgrade with just the 4 of us.

We have been talking about open recruiting for some time, but if your interested just look for one of us in game.

As far as ESTF running mates, we all run them and can give you the backup you are looking for, just add me as a friend and when the time comes I can get you into the fleet.


As far as the ship upgrade goes we are a ways off on the tier 3 military, but if you dont have any luck with it you can still join and help us do it faster! We are currently tier 2 and only have to get 2 more tier 3 items to get the tier 3 unlock.
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01-28-2013, 06:29 PM
Contact me ingame Matt@TFR_MACO_SPECIALIST, we can offer you a way to get a T4 ship and to remain in the fleet if you so wish. You can find out mcuh more about us here: but generally we are an easy going bunch, a mixture of STO vets and some newer players, no silly drama or politics with TeamSpeak available and regular STFs, events, competitions etc. We are fleet level 13.


(PS I am on UK time but the fleet is international with a high proportion of US and UK members)

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