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# 1 What would YOU add to STO?
01-24-2014, 09:52 PM
I've been playing STO off and on since October of 2010, and I've seen the game change a lot.

I've also seen people complain constantly on the forums about the game "lacking content." But usually not explaining WHAT they'd like more specifically. There are complaints about grinding, but what do you want instead?

Now I had wanted the Ambassador class since I joined, I'd even dreamt about it! (It ended up being a costume for the Galaxy in the dream ) Since that was added last year, I was pretty happy.

What do I want now, you might ask? Well, for one, I would enjoy more Voice acting. Not necessarily getting say, Brent Spiner to return as Data (Although I would love that, especially because I want to know about the decommissioning or destruction of the Enterprise-E) but Voicing of Player Characters and Bridge Officers. In a sort of "Male Voice 01" "Female Voice 03" etc. way

The other thing I'd add would be more endgame content. Yes, i'm sure you're thinking "Well we have a ton! That's all they add anymore anyway!" But you see, there isn't a lot you can do on your own. I'm talking a few missions that might award some better endgame gear - missions you can do solo. There are some people who refuse to join fleets (Myself not included, but hey, I'm looking out for people.) people in inactive fleets, and some antisocial people. This would really help them out.

One other thing I'd consider would be adding a SHIP reward for reputation. Something else to work toward, especially once rep is maxed and no longer of any use. They'd likely be expensive, possibly even costing a fleet ship module? It would be a way to balance getting a "free" ship.

That's what I'd add. What would YOU add?
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# 2
01-24-2014, 10:26 PM
I would add this. Support it here (if you play a Romulan) or here (if you play anything).

And T5 Connie for Feds, T5 D7 for Romulans (since the KDF can already get one), and T5 T'liss for Romulans.

And more Orion ships.

And make the Orion Dance (the Nerve Tonic dance) into an actual emote, unlocked once the player has finished "Night of the Comet."

And make the "party balls" work the way they're supposed to (so they cannot be used to grief other players).

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# 3
01-24-2014, 10:29 PM
A 6 fore/0aft weapon ship
Mines that follow you and branch off when enemy ships get close
Remove player warp core explosions and make it a warp out animation
Add first officer abilities
Add another cosmozoan encounter. But make it an episode where you have to determine how to talk to it, escape it and/or destroy it
Revamp fleet support ability so that it can cause fellow fleet member ships to appear (not the actual player, but a clone)
Add a 3 way commander ship
Add the old stfs back to the queues
Add a master stf that is harder then elite and is comprised of the old stfs back to back to back
Add GMs that will actually help the players
Add a new style of pvp that makes it so you can queue as a healer, dps, anchor for pvp. The role you choose has you enter the match in that type of ship.
Create a "shuttle squadron" ship. Based around the swarm in Voyager.
Add Iconian sneak peaks through the sphere that culminates in an amazing space to ground stf with near impossible optionals that awards an accolade and an Iconian ship...no grinding, just a reward for completing near impossible optional content.
Remove bull**** requirement for the jhas hangar pets and reward those that spent 300mil off the exchange to get one, one of the veteran boffs.
Add a red matter capacitor like device
Make fed/klingon pvp matches possible
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# 4
01-24-2014, 11:04 PM
If I am not mistaken, isn't the anniversary ship award effectively done through a reputation grind. As was the winter festival ship reward.

As for player voices, I would very much like that to be on the dev's list of things to seriously consider (Especially if the female voices included both Jennifer Hale and Claudia Black). It would be hard work, but I think well worth it especially considering that they have player characters actually speaking in cut scenes now.

I'd also like to see two ideas for future villians for future seasons considered seriously. I was thinking maybe of Augment humans, I just have a feeling that section 31 (which we know existed during the 22nd century) would either somehow retrieve some of the augment embryos. As well as (correct me if I'm wrong) the fact that I am pretty sure that Khan's colony ship was not the only one that left earth, who is to say that some others didn't survive and colonise somewhere.

I'd also like the dev's to come up with a completely new civilization other than the deferi that was in no way connected to the series or movies. A new original Big Bad for STO (even better if they could get CBS to sign off on them becoming canon, though that is unlikely I do realize.)

Another thing that might be cool is competitions for foundry user's that could have their episode or series turned into a FE or FE Series with full production support.
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# 5
01-24-2014, 11:13 PM
if you looking for t5 connie and t'liss then im looking for a t5 miranda. but since these are pipe dreams it could never get added the same with that idea of jjcrap stuff on sto.

what can be added is less grind and more game.
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# 6
01-25-2014, 01:29 AM
Nothing. In that position I'm pretty sure I'd ruin the game for quite a lot of players
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# 7
01-25-2014, 02:04 AM
I'd entirely scrap the current space combat system, and start over with a slower paced thinking persons game.. longer cool downs between shots.. shields that take a long time to regenerate...

Dump the current rank structure.. and a somewhat rebuilt skill tree. Even a full make over wouldn't like require that big of a rebuild to the skill tree. system. Leave " Levels" in place. Rank would be a separate category of earned, based on accolades perhapes.. not just completing missions, but achiving specific goals...Rank would determine the tier of ship the player can fly. But highest normal player rank being captain.. it just feels silly to have vice admirals running around still commanding starships. You could be level "20" but only a Lt.C because you didn't exert your self to get accolades. Make it pretty much neccesary for players to at least get thier feet damp in some sort of PvP to achive captain and have access to tier 5 or better ships.

Revamp ships so there is less customization, not more... console , great idea, stacking effcects from consoles? Not so good of an idea. Some ships WILL be better then others because they'll have better intrinsic abilities due to the ships design..could be as simple as in increased base sensors, warp power, handling, energy transfer or generation rating, more differentiation differentiation between ships and generations/refits of classes..

Revamp ships to reflect range of operation. If you wan't to run missions out in Gamma Orionias your going to have to do it in a high endurance ships such as a science ship, destroyer, or larger class ship. BOP's and escorts just don't have the range with out some sort of tender/mother ship along. Those are low cost "atrittion" units with small crews, short construction times, but very short legs. Have a meta game that depends on fleet bases to get the smaller tactically oriented ships into battle by providing a base for them to operate out of. Put war back into the war. Of course if the player action threaten to end the war, just have a massive AI offensive start to push back a few bases and reset the lines.. should be a some sort of viable benefit/penalty. Likely an economic penalty of some sort in place though effected by over all standing for the faction.

Slow the pace of levelling down.. so that when you hit the lavel cap and start playing in the "end game" it means something.

Won't happen.. would be an entirely different game but a miracle could happen. STO is over all a little to easy as it currently stands.. players hit the level cap and have yet to be challenged... this much needs to happen sooner in the game.. from the standpoint of being "Good Game". Don't be afraid of make a "difficult" trek game. Right now STO is just to damd simple early, and instead of a learning "curve" new players hit a shear cliff with not much in the way of anything to hang on to. Making the end game easier is a very poor solution and dis respectful of the efforts of those who have all ready been there. Make the earlier game more difficult and sneak some lessons in on how the abilities of a ships, BOFF's and a captain can create synergies..

The early game is NOT teaching players how to play STO effectively. There is just no challenge to it. There never was. This should change.
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01-25-2014, 02:10 AM
I would make space bigger. I'd stretch (not add to) the maps so they are 10 times bigger and it would take 10 times longer to go anywhere. Make it feel like you are exploring and navigating through an immense galaxy. Right now it feels too cramped. When you come across another player/ship that should be a rare event instead of seeing many ships no matter where you are. This was my main complaint with the JJ Abrams trek(s). In TOS is took several weeks to get to Vulcan which equals a journey. In the JJ Abrams ADD trek(s) it took 33 seconds. In World of ******** they have created this large area for you to explore. It's impressive how big it is. The Devs have stated that adding Flying completely ruined the feel of being in a large world and if given a do over would be the first thing they would remove.

The other thing is I'd add time/era servers. When you sign in, you pick and time/era so the only ships you see are from that time/era. The uniforms and aliens you see would only be from that time/era. In STF's, to keep them well populated you'd have a simple converter. For example, in an STF on a TOS server if someone (from a future time/era) was flying an Odyssey, the players on the TOS server would see a constitution class starship. The Odyssey player would see other Odyssey's instead of Constitution class starships. That way your suspension of belief is maintained for what ever time/era you picked.
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# 9
01-25-2014, 03:04 AM
I'd want the D'kyr Science Vessel to be reclassified to tier 4.5 (Refit)
Stat wise it's on par with Tier 4 refits, then my Romulan can finally use it.

And then perhaps we can add a Fleet D'kyr or D'kyr retrofit for the Feds so they don't miss out.

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01-25-2014, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by galacticgoo View Post
The other thing is I'd add time/era servers. When you sign in, you pick and time/era so the only ships you see are from that time/era. The uniforms and aliens you see would only be from that time/era. In STF's, to keep them well populated you'd have a simple converter. For example, in an STF on a TOS server if someone (from a future time/era) was flying an Odyssey, the players on the TOS server would see a constitution class starship. The Odyssey player would see other Odyssey's instead of Constitution class starships. That way your suspension of belief is maintained for what ever time/era you picked.
Now what I would suggest for a cross/server stf is not local reskinning of someone else's ships. I would have each one be a dimensional and/or temporal intersection. Those answering the call are actually from different timelines.
And the reason it keeps resetting itself is that it is in millions of possible branch points so you are going in and sealing (or failing to seal) yet another branch. This would give room for 'new' STF locations based on the points where players failed to take the objectives.
Imagine Cure space where the Elite version has a fleet of borg Klingon ships protecting one working platform and two trashed ones. Instead of Cure, it is Cleaning up the Mess.

Thus adds to the storylines as you go.

There is a lot that can be done with such an intersection from this point too.

Fleet defense: Assimilated faction ships like those in STFs attacking.
More than just Klingon assimilated vessels, you have each platform producing a different faction's classes. So you have to handle different weapons and load outs on each platform. Etc.

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