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# 1 To the devs... thanks
01-27-2013, 06:38 PM
I haven't been around here that long... a few months, that's it. But in those few months, I've spent many enjoyable hours playing STO. There have been occasional technical hiccups, sure (spawning inside a rock during "Mine Trap", or having to replay "The Doomsday Device" several times because using tactics and common sense caused me to miss an objective). However, these have been the exception. In general, I think that the devs at Cryptic have done a great job of creating a unique sci-fi MMO, staying true to the feel of ST (for the most part) while navigating the legal minefield that is creating a game based on a TV series.

So, while there have been occasions when I've been a little annoyed at one aspect of the game or another, in general I enjoy it immensely. I get the feeling that the majority of players feel the same way. That's why I find it annoying, and a little childish, that so many posts on this forums are dripping with spite and filled with nerd-rage. Yes, some weapons or ships are unbalanced. Yes, I wish there was already a fully fleshed out Klingon faction too. Yes, it would be nice if every ticket was responded to within the hour. But it is what it is. Get over it. Or if you must rant, at least be respectful.

There's nothing that can be done to prevent this, of course; as someone who works in the entertainment industry, I know first-hand that you can't please everyone, and people will exercise their right to free speech, even (read: especially) when they're not very good at it.

So to the devs: Thanks. For creating STO, for helping to keep a classic series alive, for giving us a chance to revisit the ships, characters, and planets that we know and love, and most of all, for putting up with us. God knows it can't always be easy.

To the players: Most of you aren't the childish, rude, ungrateful types I'm talking about. I know that. I've played with a lot of funny, intelligent, respectful people in this game. The few bad apples I'm talking about tend to be the most vocal people, however, particularly on the forums.

This message won't change that fact, of course. But I hope it will at least show the devs that some of us appreciate their hard work. If you feel the same way as I do, why not take a minute to show them some love?

TL;DR: Be a Klingon in the game, not on the forums.

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