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# 1 Fleet AE's layout
01-28-2013, 11:05 AM
Hi! I'm asking about my Fleet Advanced Escort's layout. What do you think about it and what could I do better. I'm a Tactical Officer and I want to have a ship with heavy DPS.


Front: 2 Dual Heavy and 2 Dual Antiproton Cannons

Aft: 3 Antiproton Turrets

Deflector, Shields and Engines: Maco XII set

Devices: Phased Shift Modulator

Engineering Consoles: Ablative and Tetraburnium Hull Armors

Science Consoles: MVA Module, Subspace Jump and Phaser Turret Defence

Tactical Consoles: 5 Antiproton Mag Regulators
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# 2
01-28-2013, 11:14 AM
Is this for elite STFs? You may want some kinetic resistance for them along with energy resistance, either 1 monotanium console and one plasma resistance console or 2 neutroniums. Also field generators might be more useful then the subspace jump and point defence if you find yourself dying too much.

Front weapons should be all DHC. DC are not nearly as effective. They take twice as long to recover from power drain, so DHC always hit harder since you have more power. DHC also have innate 20% crit severity, this is especially good when using antiproton since you are using it to get big crits in. If you are specced into projectiles you could try 3 DHC and 1 torp out, otherwise you will let your third ensign tac slot go to waste, but if not don't worry about it too much unless you want to respec. I find using 3 DHC 1 torp works better for me then 4 DHC, but seems like it doesn't work as good for everyone.
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# 3
01-28-2013, 11:20 AM
Mainly for PvP and if I choose a torpedo, which kind of topedo?
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# 4
01-28-2013, 11:34 AM
Well a quantum up front can work great in pve and works great in pvp but only if timed right so is hard for some. Another option is using a DBB instead of a torp that will let you use the 3rd tac slot for beam overload or subsytem targeting. Or a rear beam array could be used instead.

If you want to still use all DHC up front I see some people using a chroniton torp in the back with torp spread 1. It helps in pvp when fighting other escorts if they outmanuver you and get in behind, your chroniton spread hits and slows them making it easier for you to get back on target. It would only be used for the slow proc so no need to worry about timing it right when shields down or to be specced into torps to use it. Also you would only give up 1 turret rather then a DHC if you go the rear torp route.

Lots of different styles of setting a ship like this up, you can try testing the various loadouts with cheap commons to see if you prefer any of them. Some people even just use 4 DHC and 3 turrets and let the 3rd tac slot go to waste and it works fine for them so that still might be good option for you.

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