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I quoted this from a thread talking about weapon power usage and beam arrays:

Originally Posted by reynoldsxd View Post

Or better: Just make it ONE pulse every 4 seconds, and have that pulse carry the damage from a current full cycle.

Slow hammerblows, steady, unyielding. wham .wham. wham. wham. like a hammer striking the iron (and constant pressure damage is what all escort captains want cruisers to do, this would be it. The base end dps is nominally the same. Has the nice side effect of doing away with the disco beam spacecombat.
I never did like the way the beam array effects looked in this game. I was always used to the shows and other Star Trek games where the beams would always fire one continuous shot and then recharge.

The only downside to this I could see is to BFAW. The way to fix that would be something like the current system where each beam rapidly fires a low-powered shot at each nearby target.

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