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I noticed this after the Jan 24th patch, but has anyone else noticed a slight boost to the turn rate and flight speed? I recently had added a Efficient BOFF to one of my stations, but it did not increase my Engine power at all (was 52/30 pre and post-Efficient BOFF). I also tried swapping said BOFF to the previous BOFF and still had the same increase.

It was hardly an increase, but I noticed it. My turn rate went up .1 and my flight speed went up .28.

Can't think of anything else that might increase it.

I did some BOFF swapping, but I really only changed my own Human BOFF tactical to a Human BOFF science. And added 3x Covert Operative. But, I don't believe any of those officers can boost my flight speed and turn rate.

I have the Advanced Fleet Hyper-Impulse engines [turn]x3 [spd].

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