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so far this has been the case in two things ALL of the time, and a few things some of the time, but it's weird that they don't seem to be cooling down the way every thing else does and i was hoping to see if it was just me or if others had this issue.

MVAE: when ever this ability goes into cooldown it only seems to cooldown then i'm actually playing as the ship. Never when i'm in ground mode, and never logged out, but it just cools down when i'm flying. I can log in an hour or even days or weeks after playing an it will still have 5-6 minutes left on it's cooldown timer. Nothing else i've seen does that when cooling.

Shard of possibilities: when ever i use this one it goes through the normal cooldown, but when the numbers finish counting the visual cooldown (going from greyed out to lit up) is still going slowly giving me another minute or two of cool down time every time with out fail, even when using cooldown reducing abilities or just letting it run it's course normally.

Is any one else having these issues or does the game just hate me?
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02-06-2013, 01:00 PM
Yes. That's the way most space and ground abilities are. When you leave a ground map and go into space, the cooldown timers on your ground abilities will freeze and won't continue until you enter a ground map and vice versa. Azura personal comm code, the item you use in sector space to summon a freighter that gives you bank/mail/exchange access, it has a 2 hour cooldown and took me 2 days once to recharge because I wasn't in space maps hardly at all.

I really wish they would change ground/space abilities to cooldown in real time, when you're logged out and when you're in the opposite type of map.

Shard of Possibilities: Yes I noticed this too and have been to lazy to say anything about it since they have a tendency to not fix bugs. The line when it's greyed out starts going in a clockwise turn but then about halfway through the cooldown it switches to a horizontal line that goes down. After the timer reaches 0 it is still in cooldown like you said for another minute or so. That I would say is definitely a bug. 4 minute cooldown that takes about 5 minutes. Even when using Tactical Initiative (ground) on a tactical character right after using the Shard of Possibilities, the cooldown is reduced to about 2 minutes or less instead of 4 and it still takes another minute after the timer reaches 0.
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