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# 1 RP Fleet/Foundry creations
01-29-2013, 12:52 AM
Looking for Core OFFICERS
for a fleet I'm putting together. My goal is for this fleet to be RP and IC most of the time that heavily uses and/creates foundry missions as part of the "scene".
I understand RP has a lot of negative attachments..and I want to stress this upfront..if you are looking for some RP fleet where you can get your porn on...look elsewhere, I want this to be a family friendly safe but fun fleet. .
I love foundry and I know with the right talent, we can have some fun with them. I have some really good foundry ideas for the start.

I am very open to ideas and once I have a core group of officers (to ensure someone is on at all times) I would like to expand...anyways first things first.

To be considered for a position as a core officer, you should be available, (this isn't gonna be a position for title only) and able to contribute to the overall growth of fleet through various activities and leadership. I am open as always to suggestions. I am usually on eastern times during the night at least 4 nights a week as my schedule allows. My IG character is Jaxx @jackfrost7.

I know starting a fleet is a lot of work, takes a lot of time, but I'm willing to invest my time, and looking for some people with like minded with fleet/foundry issues.

Fleet is forming as we speak, look me up in game so we can meet.

Thanks for your time!

Admiral Jaxx Parrow
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01-29-2013, 03:19 AM
I have been getting my feet wet in foundry creations..what do you mean by using foundry as part of the "scene"? Are you role playing through that or what?
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01-29-2013, 03:28 AM
Hey Hinderman, thanks for your question

I want to use foundry as part of the fleet experience, and would need someone interested/talented enough for those episodes. For example: If we decide to take Fleet say in a Black Ops Direction..then all new recruits could get their Intro into the fleet by completing a certain fleet crafted foundry. In this instance I would say have the first episode engage the recruit in some time travel to prevent any further changes to a time line (one specific one involving voyager i have in mind would be awesome for this.) Depending on the situation. No lack of ideas,
As I stated earlier..first the group of core officers comes first and we'll take it from there. message/ Tell me in game and I'd be happy to talk with ya some more. Jaxx@jackfrost7

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