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# 11
01-29-2013, 05:40 PM
Omg u trolls, the title of the thread is why vet destroyers have 9 consoles. This thread is not about nerfing klinks, in fact the klinks should get buffed for content and ship selections.

Remember a good klink faction will attract more players to the game, which in turn allow the game to flourish even more.

Now go back to discussing the chimera, that's an order ensign!
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# 12
01-29-2013, 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
it is a veteran ship for a reason. it is old, so it is not new.
They're not old ships, they're new ships for veterans.
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# 13
01-30-2013, 02:50 AM
Lol... silly rabbits...

I don't think you guys realized this but this post is kinda funny.

The Chimera is not a side gift in this game it's supposed to be THE GIFT, the best thing happening to both sides is the vet ship.

I think I read earlier someone said it was a old ship because it's a VETERAN REWARD and shouldn't be as good as the newer ships. I was like omg... really?

THIS SHIP IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE PINNACLE OF SHIPS it should always be the best, no matter what so they need to constantly upgrade this ship no matter what no matter when. THIS SHIP IS THE 1000 day ship thats a thousand days of supporting this game. That translates roughly into 3 or so years. Three or so years and the ship you are rewarded for doig it shouldn't be the pinnacle of greatness? Do you know how pissed off I would be if i supported a game for 3 years and got a bronze star? I would never ever ever ever support this game. To think that I would even attempt to support this game and get a bust at the end. You guys are saying lifers who basically cheat the system and pay 300-200 dollars to waylay their way through it and the SHIP should be worth 300 dollars. no matter what. IF it's not it's like you shook my hand, slapped me, spit in my face, punch me in the stomach and then kicked my in the no mans land all in one smooth fluid motion that left me wondering wtf happened.

Just take the word lifer out of the equsion, and put in subscriber as in i am subscribing money per month to be a gold member and you are telling me boldy to y face before i even start the race to make it THREE YEARS that it's not even worth crossing the finish line? Then why the hell would i even race in the first place?

This ship needs to be op, i love the boff set up if you look at all my post the chimera is thrid on the list of best ships in this game and it should not be third it should be first. It's the ship you are given for saying to Cryptic, I SUPPORT YOU, With your bugs, miscommunications, broken servers, blatant misinforming, waffling, the good the bad and the ugly the thick and the thin, I will support you.

So don't tell me that with me telling you I will pay your wages for three years that the end result is a third rate ship or you gets no love from me. That's like a woman telling you the only reason she is with you is for your money and then she divorces you 3 years later? wtf?

This ship needs to be op their is no if ands or buts about it. It needs to be thicker, stronger, faster, quicker, and more beautiful then anything else going because it is the ship people wait or should wait 1000 days for it should be the pinnacle of cryptics apologies and thank yous to people willing to say "No matter what you do or where you make a mistake, it's all good. I am here for you and will help you." Or else you will never get a dime more out of me. I was thinking about paying the three hundred just to get the ship the rest of that stuff is useless to me but after reading this post even the chimera the only ship i really wanted in this game besides the bug is now feeling useless and finding it's way off the top 3 escorts in this game on m list. So in that fact a subscription, a lifer, and possibly a paying customer has said no. I have no reason to keep buying zen to get keys to get XII phaser relays, no reason to open lock boxes for lobi to get consoles, no reason to do anything to prepare for the arrival of my 1000 day ship when even the first step is not worth the journey. Make my reward greater then the best you can get for free since i can buy a bug for 50 dollars. give me a reason to pay you 300 dollars for my most coveted ship, make me want to support you because as a f2p and a semi (Yes I only spent 150 usd on this game so far in preparation of the arrival of my chimera) or i will go back to f2p and say screw it, if my patrol escort is the same as my 1000 day ship then i might as well flt my patrol escort.

Make her op and that's that there is no other reasoning to pay 300 dollars, people are saying that's not what you are paying 300 dollars for "The hell it isn't" if it wasn't then why the hell is it the last thing you get and not the middle and not the first?, you put all that crap together you have less then a hundred dollars, you are paying 300 dollars for this ship and I will be damed if i am paying 300 dollars for a ship that is third rate. Upgrade and upgrade her everytime you make a ship their should be no competition for a ship that you pay 300 dollars for, 200 dollars for or even 100 dollars for, wtf. You would have to be mental to thing their should be. A f2p ship and a lock box ship should not be better then her simple as that. I don't see how any one can argue this fact.

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# 14
01-30-2013, 03:35 AM
A ship is defined by the pilot there are no top ten list of ships you taty

So what your saying is that pay to win should exist? To be the best in this game you just cough up the doh and your the best

Read back over what you said!

I've seen pilots in these tank like an oddy and dish out damage like a defiant if set up right they can be one of the best ships in the game but on the other hand I have seen people using beams on them and highlighting all the weaknesses this ship can posses

I hope to hell you see what you've just written

One person should not have an advantage over the other because of the size of his wallet if that were the case it would take all the fun away from it
----=====This is my opinion you don't have to listen and no one else has to read them these "OPINIONS" are based on my exploits and my learning other people will have their opinions and that's fine just don't knock my way of doing things thanks=====----
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# 15
01-30-2013, 06:35 AM
Are you crazy? If I'm paying $300.00 it better damn well be better then yours if you're free or whats the point?

If I'm buying a PS3 I sure as hell don't expect to get a playstation the one. That's like going to a restaurant and paying for surf and turf and they bring you ramen noodles with beef and shrimp flavoring. wtf.

It's unfortunate but games cost money even f2p games and if everyone was free this game would simply die so yes if i am paying my hard earned money i better damn well be better then someone that's playing for free.

This isn't about talent because i gots loads of it and then some and i just happen to also have the ability to purchase something interesting. I can fight with the best of them and tank with a patrol escort which i use at the moment. Any other reasoning and i'd prolly agree with you but this ship is supposed to be the pinnacle of ships for players dedicated to the improvements and the prosperity of this game. Dedicating 3 YEARS of their life and their income to this game! It's supposed to be the best! There is no arguement there, I don't even see why we are even discussing it. You're saying that a player who never contributes to the ongoing play of this game should be equal to those that do? Then why would i even pay a dime in the first place? You can't stay in business with everything being free specially not with pwe at the helm.

Take money out of the equation all together and you're telling me a ship that you have to wait 3 years to get should be less then and even inferior to a ship you can get today? How ridiculous does that sound?

I actually need to hear the retort to this.

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# 16
01-30-2013, 07:19 AM
If they make the Veteran ships OP and clearly the best ships in the game and make it remain the best all the time a lot of people would get the ship and never buy any others or won't buy any others and just wait until they get the Veteran ship.

IMO no ship should be OP they should all be balanced well that no one can say for sure one ship is clearly better then the other of their respective tier.
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# 17
01-30-2013, 07:57 AM
ok let me understand this, you guys are okay with a one $80.00-$100.00 ship the Jem hadar Bug is more powerful then a ship that you either have to wait 1000 days or pay $300.00 for?

I don't understand the rational behind this. It's so mind boggling that I don't even know how to respond to it anymore. In your minds you are okay with paying 300 dollars to be given something sub par?

Wow... I have no idea how to explain how that sounds.

I give up.
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# 18
01-30-2013, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
ok let me understand this, you guys are okay with a one $80.00-$100.00 ship the Jem hadar Bug is more powerful then a ship that you either have to wait 1000 days or pay $300.00 for?

I don't understand the rational behind this. It's so mind boggling that I don't even know how to respond to it anymore. In your minds you are okay with paying 300 dollars to be given something sub par?

Wow... I have no idea how to explain how that sounds.

I give up.
its a gift. you are not paying 300 for the ship, but the subscription.

also as said before the ship has a function, that makes up for the 10th console slot

and it is a veteran ship, so you should be happy that it has warp engines, and not rusting away
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# 19
01-30-2013, 08:09 AM
IT's not a gift! You're paying for it!. That's like your parents getting you a car that you have to pay the car note, the insurance, and for it to be fixed, that's not a gift it's a burden! My gift is garbage? FOr yme giving you 300 dollars your thank you is less powerful then a level 40 ship? Keep that and give me a free Jem-hadar!

veteran doesn't mean old in this instance! why do you keep saying that? it means it in the way of Grunt, veteran, so on and so forth not veteran as in past war vets!

Just thinking about it is making my head hurt...

So in you're mind after spending alllllllllll that money and subscribing for 1000+ days a ship just one foot out of the grave is good to you? No wonder we can't get anything good because we have people vocal people who attest to the fact that we will accept less for our money. No wonder PWE does it, because you don't mind. And I am willing to bet even more money that the people who are saying they are cool with it are not subscribers and prolly never will be or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

But as it stands. For that, you will never get a dime out of me not for this ship, the only ship i ever wanted in this game and was willing to pay 500-600 USD. 300+300 for keys and such to equip it. You got 150 out of me pwe, that far and no further. all that stuff is worth around 100 dollars so i can just buy it separably, i wouldn't do this for anything other then THAT ship and as long as people are okay with it it will stay subpar.

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# 20
01-30-2013, 08:58 AM
The ship doens't have to be OP, but it needs to be as good as a fleet ship or a lockbox ship.

Granted, the console gives us 2 function but whats the point making it a console if it only can be equipped on the vet destroyer?

My suggestion is: remove the console, make it an innate ability AND it will be fine to leave the vet destroyer with 9 consoles.

Else, add another console slot to make it equal to Fleet/lockbox ship.

OR, give us a fleet version with 10 console - I don't mind spending a fleet module to get it (of course make owning the chimera a pre-requisite of getting the fleet chimera).

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