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# 1 Dual Beam Bank Cruiser Build
02-01-2013, 08:39 AM
Posting my build to get feedback from you guys. Try it out, let me know what you think.

Philosophy Behind This Build
DBBs are cheap.
DBBs do more damage.
DBBs let you get six to eight beams on something as long as you can be facing it.
DBBs free up your aft slots for mines.
Many STF targets don't move around much so firing arc doesn't really matter.
Having much faster Evasive Maneuvers recharge lets you give up a Tac. team for FAW, which is very useful for clearing incoming those insta-kill Heavy Plasma Torpedoes in STFs and Tholian web node thingies etc.

Weapon Loadout
3x Your Favorite DBBs
1x Your Favorite Torps
1x Your Favorite SBB
2x Your Favorite Mines

BOff Layout (Sovereign)[/b]
Lt. Universal:
Haz. Em. / Xfer Shields
Ens. Tac:
Lt. Cmdr. Tac:
Tac. Team / Torpedo Spread II / Dispersal Pattern Beta II
Cmdr. Eng.:
EP2E / EP2S / EP2W / Aux2SIF
Lt. Eng.:

Metreon Gas / Theta Radiation Vents / Red Matter Capacitor

Universal Console
Subspace Jumper

3x Shield Distribution Officers
2x Evasive Maneuver Reduction

This isn't a PVP build, at least not on a Sovereign as I've been using it. But with two Tric. mines in back it's very effective in STFs. Got incoming Borg Raptors? Fog with Metreon Gas and drop a bunch of Tric. mines, then supspace jump and hit reverse while using FAW. Need to get across the map in a hurry? Fullx3 Engines + EP2E + Evasive is pretty darned fast. Want to do good damage to a gate or cube without getting to close? DBBs and quantums. Torpedo spread with the 180-degree quantums is great at close range against some Borg probes etc.

I'm still not convinced the Sovvy is the right ship for this though. I used to use Excelsior and I'm pretty sure I prefer it that way, but I'm a fan of the Metreon (it needs a boost though). Trying it with disruptors on the 1000-day ship and that is interesting, haven't found the best way to deploy that yet. Going to try it on the Fleet Excelsior next.

Alright, chime in, curious to hear people's thoughts.
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# 2
02-01-2013, 08:52 AM
I'm currently trying out a DBB and single cannons cruiser build on a Mirror Assault Cruiser.

2x DBB
2x Cannons*
4x Turrets.

Hitting a target with CRF and Beam Overload can be surprisingly effective. Only really viable with an Engineer though, you need... um...uh... "the ability that negates weapon drain that I've forgotten the name of" .
ETA: NADION INVERSION. That's the name

* I'm considering swapping one out for a quantum torp, but it won't be high-yield-able if I keep Tac Team, CRF and Beam Overload, so I dunno yet. Suppose I could use the Rommie rep one...

OP, what's in your 4th aft weapon slot?

Last edited by dma1986; 02-01-2013 at 08:54 AM. Reason: Remembered ability name.
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# 3
02-01-2013, 08:58 AM
Frst, only the Red Matter Capacitor is a device... the other 2 are consoles.

Second, I have no idea how you are manageing all those EP2* skills. The shared cooldowns must be stepping all over eachother.

Third, I haven't done the math recently so it may have changed, but last time I did the math rank one torp skills were a better deal then rank 1 beam skills, and vice versa. I'd swap the BFAW and the TS.

Speaking on BFaW, I've never been a fan. I'd have chosen BO instead.

Fourth, and this is a matter of taste, I don't really like mines in big cruisers. Not well enough to invest 2 slots on mines. If you are managing to land them then good for you, but I eventually made my Beta Vector my mine boat, I didn't like it on anything slower, YMMV. I'd go for turrets. You are already a front facer. Add to your front face damage.
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# 4
02-01-2013, 10:56 AM
OP, what is your fourth aft weapon?

What about running turrets in the back to help deal with incoming target-able torps?

Other than that, I think this is going to be getting tested this weekend on a few ships.

Thanks for Sharing the build!

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